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Asmod Doomfinger

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9/26/2006 8:10:26 PM

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Asmod Doomfinger

Asmod Doomfinger

Character Name: Asmod Doomfinger

Race: Orc

Weapon(s): Hand-Forged Bad-Axe Battle Axe!; Hand-Forged Bad-Axe Throwing Axe - Set of Three

Model: N/A
Manufacturer: N/A
Type: Fighter
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: None
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: No
Weight Class: Light
Armaments: 4x light ion racks

Asmod's "ship," Teirok, is a very large, space-faring creature imported from a nearby galaxy that has been fitted with armor and a single sublight engine, commonly seen in cheap racing vessels, for emergency acceleration. For civil rights reasons, the sentient creature cannot be forcibly controlled, but, through centuries of controlled breeding, has developed an advanced telepathic ability which allows it to instantly read the will of the "pilot." Though unintuitive at first, it is in fact much more effective for an experienced pilot than a standard technological interface.

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Description: Enormous. A healthy green pigment. Easily recognized by the fedora atop his head. Generally wears too-small T-shirts and dark jeans, with an always present pair of steel shoulder guards. It's a mystery how they don't fall off. On major holidays, he wears a selection of skulls and pelts from various species on his belt, a tradition which has emptied many a Christmas party, despite his generally pleasant demeanor. He does not usually get angry, even when he springs into combat. His personal values and a code of ethics dictate when and when not to chop someone in half with an axe, not anger.

History: Asmod Doomfinger, like a majority of orcs, was born on Tecom. His tribe, led by Chief Engell Hammerskull, was one of the more laid-back in the region thanks to their location: a temperate region, near a freshwater lake, with fertile ground. This resulted in self-sufficiency and little want, meaning they need not take. However, this also meant other tribes wanted to encroach on their territory and take from them, requiring the tribesmen to be wary and skilled fighters.

Thus, Asmod was.

However, wary and skilled can oftentimes not count for much when a baker's dozen slavers ambush you while you're out hunting.

He led a simple life up until that point, when he was subdued and brought to Yaagle, whereupon he was purchased by an older gentleman who had little idea what he was in for.

Asmod deftly concussed the plantation owner and left leisurely and stumbling upon a space station; the problem with Yaagle space stations being they don't have any on hand, they simply call in a transport from offworld to take you away. Having no money, this would be a problem.

Despite the only orcs on Yaagle being the odd slave brought illegally from Tecom, his presence was mostly ignored and he found a job with a smith, initially as an assistant and gopher. It took him six months to work up the cash for an offworld transport, but by that point he had moved on to become the smith's apprentice, and his proficiency was increasing, as was his pay; not to mention he had grown attached to using only his great strength to reshape metal.

But he had found that it wasn't that people didn't mind him; they quite intentionally ignored him, and he found little in the way of friendship in his total of three years on Yaagle.

It was time to leave once again.

Stamp of Character Approval

Party members:

Character Name: Engell Hammerskull

Age: 58

Gender: Male

Race: Orc



Weapon(s): Hand-Forged CQB Hammer

Ship/Vehicle: None

Malcolm Griggs

Character Name: Malcolm Griggs

Age: 39

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Ellixan)

Description: 6' 1", short brown crew-cut hair, well-trimmed goatee, very muscular. Is very orderly about the way he dresses, but is almost always seen in his Ellixan Iron Guard armor.

History: Born on Ellix and entered into full military service at 16. Made it into special forces at 22. Three years later, he was offered a position in the Ellixan Iron Guard--the elite personal guard of Master General Suerton. He accepted and served for exactly ten years, when he was allowed to leave active military duty and pursue other things in life. With his duty equipment in hand, he left Ellix and moved to the middle of the desert of Gekel, building himself a sort of fortress and living there by himself until its recent carpet bombing by pirates. After some misadventures on Wist, he met Asmod Doomfinger and Engell Hammerskull and has been travelling with them since.

Weapon(s): Royal Armory P80, Lanus Arms Pulse Rifle, Stihl BayoSaw (on Pulse Rifle)

Ship/Vehicle: CP3 Vexxer (crashed and disabled in the desert of Torbald, Meeriad)
Daireem - Asmod Doomfinger
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