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Welcome to Daireem, a futuristic message board-based sci-fi / fantasy role playing and collaborative writing community in an original space-based setting.

We're working to create a massive, space-based sci-fi universe with in-depth back story and tons of unique environments, but don't feel like you need to be part of the "bigger picture"; a cargo hauler with no friends can experience as much excitement as an infamous bounty hunter that's been RPing since the beginning.

With five star systems, twenty-one known worlds, and seven playable races, you can role play how you want, anywhere from intense space battles, to modern character drama, to high fantasy. Be creative!

Are you ready? Click the "Join Now" button below to begin the guided joining process! If you've already joined and you're ready to RP, use the "Write Now!" button. Want to know more about the universe first? Use the navigation bar on the top of the page.


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