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Getting Started in the RP

First, an explanation for those new to online role playing: "Play-by-post" basically means that players take turns posting pieces of a story in the forums, also known as collaborative writing. In general, players only write the actions of their own character or characters (thus "role playing"), though this isn't a strict rule. (See "Collaborative Fiction" for more information.)

When writing in a story, or role playing ("RPing" for short) you would do so in any of the forums below the "The RPG" heading on the main forum list. (To get back to the main forum list, you can click the "Play" text link on the top of any page.) Each planet is separated into its own forum (Meeriad, Perrenor, etc.) and when you start a story, you need to first figure out on what world it's going to take place, then post in the appropriate forum.

RPing is essentially collaborating on a single story in which each participant has his own character that he has created. You can open Notepad or whatever text editor you have and write a story on your own terms if you want, right? So things get much more interesting when you join other people. Don't be shy!

For more information about the various aspects of the Daireem universe, browse the links up on the navigation bar. The encyclopedia is still a work in progress; there's a lot of information to be had, and it will be added over time. Until then, you can private message Stasis with any questions you have. (You must be logged in to send private messages. We'll get to user creation soon!)

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