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Stasis Founder, head administrator

Stasis began forum role playing at the age of nine on Sonic the Hedgehog fan forums. Over the years, he ran a small and disorganized message board with forums for RP in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe, as well as Transformers and Megaman, where he met the man currently going by the name of Samuel Jorgenson, who is now a staff member (though currently inactive) here on Daireem. Subsequently, Stasis ran a slightly more organized (though still very disjointed) RP forum specifically in the Megaman universe.

Somewhere along the line, Stasis got into the Final Fantasy games or something and started The Lands of Meeriad, an RPG based in an original fantasy universe, which began on an EZboard forum, and after a couple of years moved onto proprietary forum software developed by our very own Wolf McDog, which is unfortunately still in use today here on Daireem. Over time, The Lands of Meeriad world lost most of its "high fantasy" elements and became a slightly post-modern, technological world with trace fantasy elements. Eventually, Stasis decided to open it up to space travel and developed the spin-off website that you are on right now: Daireem.

Wolf McDog
Programmer, neck administrator

Wolf McDog is Stasis's brother, developer of the forum software used by Daireem as well as its predecessor, The Lands of Meeriad, and our resident troll.

It's worth noting that Wolf is NOT one of the frightening "furries" that you see today who dress up in animal costumes and go to conventions and grab each others' butts. The character of Wolf McDog was developed during the brothers' time spent on Sonic the Hedgehog related forums as children and it stuck.

Wolf is basically an XHTML and C# genius, and well-versed in many other programming languages. He's very embarrassed by the forum software we're using here.

Eruantion Doriath Historian, pectoral administrator

Eruantion has been a good friend of Stasis's and Wolf's for as long as any of them can remember. He's an enthusiastic writer and very strong, so he constitutes not just one, but all three of our pecs here at Daireem.

Samuel Jorgenson Item creator, right bicep administrator

Samuel is back!