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Create a character

Now that you understand roleplay, know the rules, and have created a user account, creating your character is the most important thing you will do here, so put a lot of thought into it.

The following is the character template, providing fields for all the necessary information. You can add as much as you want to it. You must fill all of the fields out when you post your character profile, or you will be rejected! Remember, you must first be approved by the administrator, Stasis, before you are allowed to RP.

Character Name:
This is your character's full name.

How old the character is, of course.

Male, female, or none

You may only choose from the species listed on the Character page. If playing a halfling, list both species, and if a shapeshifter, describe your character's alternate form.

Everything about your character's looks, such as build, height, weight, and skin color, as well as personality, preferred style of clothing, etc.

Your character's history, how he ended up where he is today, etc. This is very important, as your character's past has a great effect on who he is today. Detail important parts of your character's life and the things that make him who he is now; what drives him; what he's after in life. Even if he doesn't remember his past, "He doesn't remember" or "Nobody knows" are horrible copouts and not an acceptable history.

You may begin with up to 3000 tape (Daireem's exclusive currency) worth of items, and any tape you don't spend will be left in your inventory. If you wish to have simple things that don't cost money (things that are basically meaningless and assumed that a character already has, such as necklaces, bags, etc.) in your inventory, list them exactly how you want them to be named in your inventory and they will be added.

Ship type and name. (You can find a list of vehicles by clicking the heading just above, or scroll up to the top of the page and click "Vehicles" on the top navigation bar.) You may only start with a "light" weight class vehicle, except under certain unusual circumstances. (Please discuss it with Stasis.) You can create your own ship if you want, but remember that it must be considered a "light" ship, and you must fill out information on the ship. See the Community Vehicle Design thread for templates.

When picking your character's equipment, if you're not a total gun or knife nut, the terminology and sheer amount of available items might be intimidating. Over time we will add visual representations of each item on the items pages, but in the meantime, Stasis may be able to help you choose your weaponry if you just don't know. As always, send Stasis a private message for help!

Now, copy the form and click "Next Step". This will take you to the Join forum where you can post your character profile with the "Add Topic" link.

Backtrack to the user creation process. Proceed to the Join forum to post your profile!
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