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Quick Answers


What about Earth?
99% of Daireem's denizens have never heard of the planet Earth. All life in Daireem originated in Daireem, (with very few exceptions) apart from the Dominion Masters, who are a very secretive people.

Can I be a Dominion Master?
No. Administrators (marked Dominion Master in their user title) will be appointed as needed, and you're less likely to become one if you ask. Dominion Masters as characters are basically gods, so still no.

I have a really cool idea for a new planet. Will you add it?
No. We are accepting ideas for existing planets that do not currently have descriptions, but there will be no new planets. HOWEVER. Planets are huge places. Huge. The fact that there are so many worlds and space travel is so trivial makes it easy to forget that, not to mention the lack of minutia to them. If you have an idea for a location, by all means run it by us. It can only make the universe richer.

Can my character start a war?
Yes, absolutely. We would love to see someone affect the entire RPG in such a way, so long as it's well thought out. If you don't have a very good story behind it, please do not write such a thing.