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Aans System



Fierra Mesa



Fierra Mesa (phonetic: fee-air-uh may-suh) is a little-traveled world, with quaint little towns, vast mountain ranges, and home to the wise shar'kakk beariths. It is a fair vacation spot, having been manipulated by its Dominion Masters to have a variety of perfect climates, but the climates have degraded somewhat since the Dominion Masters moved on to the Babt nebula. Beautiful vistas remain easy to find, however.

Most notably, Fierra Mesa is home to the largest casino resort in the galaxy: the Stairtan-Remos, with over eight hundred thousand slot machines, one hundred twenty thousand smoker tables, and ninety thousand poker tables. The single most famous smoker tournament ever, the 18th Stairtan-Remos Invitational, saw over seventy thousand players and over forty deaths, with another three hundred removed without refund for disorderly conduct, as well as the largest jackpot of any known smoker tournament in history: 976,470,213,000 tape. It cost nearly fourteen million tape to enter the tournament.

The wilderness of Fierra Mesa--areas known as The Deeps--is uncommonly treacherous, particularly at night. Deadly creatures of every size inhabit The Deeps, the most famous predator being the zorish, an incredibly swift and silent hunter which has, for reasons unknown--perhaps even without a reason, as the thing is so dangerous it would be absurd to intentionally do so--been transplanted to several other worlds, including Wist and Yaagle. Indeed, however, the most dangerous is the cortus, a small, flying carnivore who prefers the night and travels in swarms. As a result, much of Fierra Mesa has gone unexplored.