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Lars (phonetic: lars) is a small, mountainous world, mostly uncivilized, with several militarized factions perpetually warring over some thing or another.

Peyos was once a Keppian state who grew unhappy with the federal government's lack of concern over Auvern's continued threats to their sovereignty. Separatists managed to declare their independence, promptly beginning a war with Auvern over the eastern geyser fields, an important energy resource. They have since forcefully enlarged their borders, becoming larger than Kepp itself.

Kepp is a small faction wedged between Peyos and Auvern. They were once a large, powerful nation until the other factions sprouted up and began the relentless war, upon which Kepp was compressed by all sides into an area only one hundred forty miles across; Kepp's air force, however, remains second to none. Cities are packed together tightly in an attempt to keep down the area to be defended, while military bases are kept intentionally away from civilization.

Auvern is an early industrial socialist state, inhabited largely by mindless peons who blindly follow their government. They thirst to control all energy resources in their capability, and have long harassed Kepp over their large supply of stranigen geyser fields, going so far as to demolish homes and take land within Keppian borders to establish mining camps, going nearly uncontested by the Keppian government and inspiring the Peyos separatists. Auvern fears Nichondi, whose walls are slowly growing closer to Auvern borders.

Nichondi prefers to stay out of combat, and has created a constantly changing and enlarging perimeter of moving wall around itself to slowly engulf land. The don't really seem to care that they destroy nature as their walls move through it. Surface-to-air missile launchers are placed at even intervals along the wall, destroying any aircraft that dares near them, and anything that poses an immediate threat to Nichondi will soon have incredible firepower thrown at it to utterly obliterate it as soon as possible. It is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to enter Nichondi, and it is entirely unknown by outsiders what life is like inside its massive walls. Orbital imaging shows that sparsely placed small towns take up Nichondi territory, presumably intended to keep things rural. Still, it is largely militarized, and the truth is that its inhabitants live in a state of martial law--outside their property. Property owners do in fact own their property, and there is no government-dictated law within.

Steverial is a heavily religious country who have essentially declared holy war on the rest of the planet. Unlike modern holy war in the Milky Way galaxy, Steverial uses conventional warfare tactics, though lone fanatics, dissatisfied with the military's effectiveness, have been known to use unconventional means. Steverial's largest business is that of mining and exporting many precious gems and metals, unique to Lars, to other worlds.