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Tonfe (phonetic: tonf) is a large planet of hostile surface, which, while inhabitable, is hot, arid, and the atmosphere harbors a strange, odorous substance which permeates everything and is generally difficult to get rid of.

Tonfe is also home to Byte, Inc., the largest manufacturer of computing components and information processing technology in the galaxy. All facilities are located underground because of the hostile surface and span most of the area therein.

As Byte controls the subterranean cities, they are kept exceptionally clean to avoid polluting their delicate components. Spaceports are generally located over a hundred miles away from civilization to maintain the cleanliness and security of the manufacturing centers. Employees are signed up for a three year contract, during which they are not allowed to leave the planet, and at the end of which their minds are partially wiped to prevent industry secrets from getting out.

In addition to building computer components, Byte specializes in information acquisition and processing. If you need to know something, Byte will get it... for a generous fee. Top secret government and corporate information and financial accounts are a large part of Tonfean commerce. Additionally, Byte is in the business of buying information, provided they do not already have it.

Security measures extend out to orbit, which is dusted with a cluster of defense satellites, while Byte hires privateers to patrol the rest of the star system.


Description by Sprocket