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Charlu System








Lanus (lah-nus) began as a world of terribly hostile environment, and it's Dominion Masters didn't much care to fix that. Adjustments were made to reduce carcinogenic dust storms and lower temperature in moderate climates from an average of 140 degrees fahrenheit to about 110.

Being useless for much anything else, massive numbers of factories were built all over Lanus, spewing deadly smoke and radioactive substances into the environment unimpeded. Monthly worker deaths were in the hundreds. Finally, some companies began to provide protective gear to their workers as well as somewhat clean break and recreation areas. Still, no man in his right mind would live on the planet, so thousands of workers would cart themselves between worlds for their daily commute.

This all changed in 4089, when, after over fifty years of development, a revolutionary system was put into effect worldwide. Using small pocket universes, scientists were able to create separate realities--or servers, as they were called--in which the world was hospitable and not covered entirely with cancerous factories. Thus, workers were able to simply step through a portal into an exact geographic replica of Lanus, but in which they wouldn't die by breathing the air for more than two seconds.

Currently, four servers exist, titled Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. Each alternate reality only encompasses Lanus itself, and any object that leaves the server's boundaries are automatically returned to true reality, known on Lanus as Alpha server. Bravo, Charlie, and Delta are pocket universes used for different purposes.

Bravo is quite small, only the size of a small city, and primarily houses various corporate offices, as well as a few upper-class housing solutions.

Charlie contains middle-class and low-class homes, as well as stores for the necessities of life. Most Charlie residents do not own vehicles because they cannot be taken to reality if the owner chooses to leave the planet, so several of the largest corporations of Lanus have pitched in to provide keyless vehicles for public use. After being vandalized and trashed by the inconsiderate public for a few years, expensive biometric scanners have been installed to identify offenders and painfully electrocute and eject them.

Delta is devoted entirely to roadways and other transit systems. Drivers in Bravo or Charlie will occasionally be automatically transitioned to Delta server under clogged or dangerous roadway conditions to alleviate traffic.