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Menos (phonetic: meh-noce) is a lawless planet that is composed almost entirely of desert. It was never modified by Dominion Masters; it was remarkably inhabitable by humans since before Daireem was discovered. Menos is also the initial spawning place of the "Furry Trio." However, next to nobody knows or cares about the planet. It is an excellent place to lie low for a long time.

There were two settlements on Menos for a while, but one was destroyed by a walker searching for a particular Blick from the Furry Trio. The remaining settlement, Ejjilay, is a one-road deal, with nothing in the way of comfort. Firearms and beer can be had in great quantities, however.

Despite ninety percent of Menos's inhabitants being criminals somewhere in the universe, troublemakers will not be tolerated, being shot or otherwise done away with posthaste.