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Micc (phonetic: mick) is a rather unremarkable world, geographically and climatically speaking. However, Micc is perhaps the most magically inclined locale in the galaxy.

Natives of Micc are genetically more inclined to magic sensitivity than on any other world, for several reasons, primarily selective breeding during its dark age. Children usually exhibit magic power around the age of twelve; often younger if otherwise guided toward it. As a result, magic is a large part of society, with even social status being influenced by one's magic skill or strength.

Much of the technology native to the world also involves magic rather than pure mechanical operation, ranging anywhere from simply exhibiting magic properties of its own to requiring magic to operate. This has, of course, proven problematic for outsiders.

Because of all of this magic running around, however, governments across the world have set a multitude of rules and regulations regarding magic use, mostly restricting magic in public to simple utilitarian uses. Some countries have also enforced the issuing of magic-negating items to those who are deemed too dangerous with magic. This is, however, a very controversial move and not common practice.

One of the most notable, but little-known things about Micc is that the planet's crust was once almost entirely encased in a magically powerful, crystalline material, initially called slag-crock due to a conversation the discoverer had with his partner, but since renamed ridicucite. After many millenia, the ridicucite has broken up and worked its way underground into small deposits. Through various natural processes, hundreds of types of the crystal have formed, each with its own properties, which can greatly increase any living being's magical power simply through the power it radiates.