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Mircor System








Cerania (phonetic: ceh-rain-ee-uh) is the barnstorming capital of the galaxy. Home to thousands upon thousands of privately owned aircraft, the air thrums constantly with aviators. Some are highly trained; some are mere fledglings. The aircraft range from tiny, homebuilt jobs to large, opulent bizjets; some are even capable of reaching low orbit. The continents are covered with an interesting variety of natural features that test the pilot's skills. From the Camel's Eye, a natural hole through the walls of Razorback Ridge, to the man-made obstacles of the Ambient Air Circus, daredevils constantly try to upstage one another. Gambling is prevalent, legal, and encouraged, and as a result, personal debt is higher than any other planet in the galaxy.

Surprisingly, Cerania has no militarily trained pilots, and thus, no air force. Even equipping aircraft with weapons is illegal. Nevertheless, smuggling is a good way to clear up one's debts in a hurry. Having no military aviators, pilots only run the risk of arrest when they're grounded. Some never ground, as in the case of the airship gangs that rove the planet; travelling in herds of dozens of heavily armed dirigibles, they literally fly in the face of federal law.

While it would be a piece of cake to clean up the planet's criminal activity using spacecraft, the stark truth of the matter is many starship pilots and armchair admirals come here for vacation, either bringing their own aircraft, or renting one by the day.


Description by Sprocket