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Com (phonetic: cohm) is a gas giant, orbited by only a single moon; Tecom.

Com is the galaxy's primary source of stranigen, the most popular gas used in blasters, and thus is surrounded with countless orbital mining facilities. Because they are mostly automated, Com is a practical gold mine for pirates.

In 3301, in the aftermath of the Final War, fighting began for control over the much-needed stranigen supply. Known as the Comi Gas Conflict, this was a dangerous period for weapons manufacturers as well as mining companies, as the sabotage of mining efforts and internal violence became commonplace. In early 3302, in a sudden outburst of full-on warfare, the utter destruction of Com was only narrowly avoided. As this would have proven this entire conflict pointless, most of the corporations involved managed a truce and have since peacefully mined the Comi atmosphere.

Though the atmosphere is uninhabitable by unprotected beings, it is relatively mild, and the thick gas offers a convenient hideout for often not-so-reputable private parties.