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Mircor System








Liavor (phonetic: lee-ah-vor) is a rural planet whose primary feature is rocks... lots and lots of rocks. Its primary residents are mining corporations and geologists, though a few survivalists make their living in the outback of sun and stone. A few towns lie scattered about, used mostly by the workers for resupplying their respective trades. North of the tropics, herdsmen have delineated huge parcels of land on which to raise their vastly varied animals and crops.

More importantly, however, Liavor is the home of Robulus crystals, the staple of most shields and many energy weapons. They are embedded deep into the ground, projecting in ornate columns above the surface. They have been mined for ages, their secret unknown to all.

The secret: Robulus crystals are alive. Sentient? Hard to say. If they are, it would be a sentience so alien no one could comprehend it. Collectively, the crystals of Liavor are angry at their harvesting, even though they have no idea what actually happens to them once they're removed from the ground. Luckily for the sentient beings of the galaxy, because the crystals are immobile and silent, they are harmless. Though able to detect other life forms by way of electromagnetic pulses, all of their senses are passive; they cannot probe, they can only listen and feel.

Description by Sprocket