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Fisher Systems EMP6 Charge Module 340 tape
"Ammunition" for the Fisher Systems EMP6 directed electromagnetic pulse weapon. (See Other) Each charge module is approximately the size of a car battery and weighs ten pounds.

Each EMP6 shot uses a single EMP6 Charge Module. They cannot be recharged.

Fisher Systems SC-20k 2000 tape
The Fisher Systems SC-20k is set of compact, standalone image-enhancing goggles, giving the user thermal imaging and starlight night vision capabilities. It is equipped with an adjustable strap for heads of all shapes and sizes.

Orion Holocommunicator 150 tape
Basic holocommunicator, transmitting video and audio to another holocommunicator. Not only used for communications, it can also store things such as maps and other data.

Orion Personal Defensive Shield 350 tape
The Orion PDS uses the same Robulus crystals used by large, immobile shield generators to create an energy field around the wearer that can entirely dissipate blaster fire. While rendering the user invulnerable to blaster fire, after taking a certain amount of shots, the crystal becomes inert and must be replaced.

Pack of Orion PDS Charges 100 tape
The pack of Orion PDS charges are used to replace crystals in the Orion Personal Defensive Shield.

Pairril G2M 200 tape
Small device which utilizes proprietary 40mm cartridges, similar to 40mm grenade launcher grenades, containing enough gun powder to fire a one-hundred-foot, 300-pound tested cable up to one hundred feet. It is a compact design with a break-open twist-locking barrel for quick reloading. The handle is T-shaped, made of thick steel to support the user's weight, has ergonomically designed rubber grips, and a large thumb button trigger on one end. Cartridges come in magnetic, hook, spike, and claw variants.

Preston Gunworks B220T 160 tape
Threaded barrel for SigArms P220 and its variants.

Preston Gunworks B226T 150 tape
Threaded barrel for SigArms P226 and its variants.

Preston Gunworks B228T 150 tape
Threaded barrel for SigArms P228, P229, and their variants.

Reflex BT8 Sound Suppressor 500 tape
The Reflex BT8 is a sound suppressor for the Barrett M82 series. It reduces noise to about the level of an unsuppressed .308 Winchester rifle--still damaging to unprotected ears.