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Lern 42 550 tape

Lern 42

Cartridge: 25 rounds
Effective range: 80 yards

The Lern 42, with its rounded, no-snag design, is the leading blaster in its class, offering a lightweight, accurate blaster in a small package. Though its effective range is advertised as 80 yards, the bolts remain cohesive at distances up to 300 yards.

Unlike standard projectile weapons, the Lern 42 does not hold ammunition in the grip, meaning the grip could be designed entirely around fitting the hand instead of accomodating a magazine.

Lern 42ASR 625 tape

Lern 42ASR

Cartridge: 25 rounds
Effective range: 80 yards

The Lern 42ASR is a variant of the model 42 intended for specialized users. It is equipped with a MIL STD M1913 Picatinny rail on the bottom of the frame for mounting accessories such as flashlights and laser aiming devices, as well as a set of adjustable sights and an enlarged safety switch for ease of use under stress or with gloves.

Other changes include a set of screw holes on either side that allow the mounting of a top rail for optics, and the grip has been remolded with finger grooves for a more positive grip.

Martek Z27 150 tape
Cartridge: 12 rounds, protruding from left side
Effective range: 20 yards

The term "effective" in "effective distance" is used loosely, since the Martek Z27 is not, in fact, effective by any means.

So why would you buy a Martek Z27? Look at the price, you ugly son of a mother! That's fridgin' cheap, dog! You could just buy five and when one explodes, you grab another and keep shooting, provided you still have fingers. It's awesome.

Note: The Martek Z27 is not known to explode.

Saxor Militia Arms SA44 925 tape
Cartridge: 60 rounds, top fed
Effective range: 100 yards

Fully automatic machine pistol-style blaster. Not that accurate, but good for laying down a lot of fire in a minimal amount of time.

The cartridge lies flat along the top of the gun, similar to the Fabrique Nationale P90.