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Lanus Arms GS8 950 tape
Beam shotgun
Type: Crystal
Cartridge: 10 rounds
Effective range: 60 yards

The Lanus Arms GS8 is an area-fire weapon, basically a "laser shotgun", firing a powerful beam and using a beam splitter inside the weapon to split the beam into twelve smaller beams, spreading a rather large distance, similar to a shotgun.

Lanus Arms Pulse Rifle 700 tape
Repeating blaster
Type: Gas
Cartridge: 75 rounds
Effective range: 230 yards

The Lanus Arms Pulse Rifle is the standard blaster rifle of many military bodies across Daireem. It is relatively inexpensive, effective, and accurate.

The Pulse Rifle has three fire modes: semi-auto, three-round burst, and full-auto.

Perrenor TechSystems C8 Raptor 950 tape
Persistent beam weapon
Type: Crystal
Cartridge: N/A
Effective range: 150 yards

The Perrenor TechSystems Raptor is known for its devastating effects in close range situations.

The Raptor draws its energy an energy crystal seated in the bottom of the gun. The energy crystal itself does not deplete, but, if overused, it can lose power and break.

The Raptor fires a steady beam of energy that packs quite a punch. Its biggest downside is that it's notorious for overheating and burning the user's hands if it's fired repeatedly without giving it a chance to cool down.

Its other major downside is the high visibility of the beam, which a target could trace back to the shooter's location, as well being almost blinding in low-light situations.

Perrenor TechSystems Cyclone 1400 tape
Multi-barrel support weapon Type: Gas
Cartridge: 1,000 round proprietary box/14,550 round "combat backpack"/54,000 round vehicle-mounted tank
Effective range: 300 yards

The Perrenor TechSystems Cyclone is a blaster minigun, bearing eight barrels rotating around a central axis to help keep heat down. Intended as a man-portable or vehicle-mounted weapon, it has multiple rate of fire settings, adjustable by a selector switch on the receiver; 1,800 rounds per minute, 3,600 RPM, and 5,400 RPM.

During development, Perrenor TechSystems had a fast-approaching deadline, and in the rush to release the weapon, there was an oversight in heat dissipation. Because of this, at the two higher rates of fire, the gun will easily overheat during continuous full-auto fire. It also devours box magazines for breakfast, making the combat backpack preferred for a support role. However, it's difficult to carry extras, given its weight and size.

The Cyclone is available in a full ergonomic buttstock and pistol grip variant, or a stockless, vehicle-mounted variant with spade grips.

Perrenor TechSystems LS6 Wraith 1150 tape
Type: Crystal
Cartridge: 7 rounds
Effective range: 900 yards

The Perrenor TechSystems Wraith is a top choice amongst snipers. The Wraith uses the same cartridges as the Satyr, but it fires much more concentrated beams; thusly, it only gets seven shots out of the cell.

The Wraith comes standard with a 16x scope and a folding bipod.

Perrenor TechSystems Satyr 775 tape
Type: Crystal
Cartridge: 50 rounds
Effective range: 360 yards

The Perrenor TechSystems Satyr is powered by a single energy cell, mounted
on the right side of the gun. When expended, the cell is automatically ejected. The Satyr's powerful, deep-blue energy beam has enough power to pierce thin layers of metal but loses a lot of power.

The Satyr comes equipped with a 3x scope and telescoping stock.