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Flashbang Grenade 75 tape
Output: 170 decibel noise / 1 million candlepower flash
Fuze: 2 seconds

The flashbang grenade, when detonated, emits a deafening and blinding flash, intended to incapacitate any person in the vicinity. Generally used by SWAT teams and special forces for room clearing.

Though generally causing no permanent injury, a flashbang is capable of causing permanent hearing or eye damage.

Frag Grenade 90 tape
Blast radius: 15 yards
Fuze: 3 seconds

Fragmentation grenades, when detonated, hurl small pieces of shrapnel in all directions away from itself. Though with a kill radius of 5 yards, and a wounding radius of 15, shrapnel can potentially be thrown as far from the blast as 200 yards.

Frag grenades, while not intended for use in such a way, create a noise from their detonation about as loud as that of a flashbang, and will temporarily deafen anybody nearby, if they are not killed by the shrapnel itself.

Jammer Grenade 75 tape
Blast radius: 30 yards
Fuze: None

The Jammer grenade, once activated by releasing the safety and pressing a button on the top, continuously releases pulses of energy for twenty seconds. These pulses are able to knock out any unshielded electric activity within a 30 yard radius, but once the grenade expends its battery, no permanent damage is suffered by electronics.

Plasma Grenade 150 tape

Blast radius: 

Smoke Grenade (CG) 60 tape
Duration: 130 seconds
Fuze: 2 seconds

A compressed gas (CG) smoke grenade which, after all safeties are deactivated, releases a non-toxic smoke into the air, which can be used for various purposes.

The CG smoke grenade is non-pyrotechnic, using a pressurized gas that reacts with oxygen to expand and become a thick smoke. The CG grenade is only available in a yellow smoke variant.

Smoke Grenade (PT) 50 tape
Duration: 105 seconds
Fuze: 3 seconds

A pyrotechnic (PT) smoke grenade which, after all safeties are deactivated, releases a non-toxic smoke into the air, which can be used for various purposes.

The PT smoke grenade uses an igniting solid material, with a pull ring to begin ignition, to generate a thick cloud of smoke. The PT grenade can be had in a variety of colors, including white, orange, yellow, purple, and others.

VRCS Stalker 350 tape

The Stalker, or spider grenade, is a programmable robotic grenade delivery system created by the little-known Vaucan Robotics Company of Sunset. Before deployment, it is a smooth sphere, three inches in diameter. After deployment, six wiry legs (contrary to its nickname) emerge from the body.

By default, the Stalker acts as a proximity mine, detecting a passing target within a twenty foot radius, closing the distance with its legs, and activating the contained grenade when it reaches a distance of five feet. If the target is moving too fast for the grenade, it will detonate at a longer distance. However, the device is programmable by connecting the Stalker's USB cable to any computer with a plain text editor.


  • Stalk mode (Should the Stalker move at all? Defaults to yes. "No" will cause the Stalker to act as a fixed proximity mine, acting on the detonation range variable set below.)
  • Detection radius (How close must a target be to activate the Stalker? Defaults to 20. Maximum is 30. Units are in feet.)
  • Detection speed (How fast must a target be moving to activate the Stalker? Defaults to 12. Units are in inches per second. Lower settings can cause the Stalker to receive false positives and detonate, but at the default setting or higher, if the target stops moving the Stalker will no longer be able to detect it. If failsafe is set to "yes" this will cause the Stalker to detonate.)
  • Detonation range (How close must the target be to detonate the Stalker? Defaults to 5. Units are in feet.)
  • Fuze length (Once within detonation range, how long before the grenade detonates? Defaults to 0. Units are in seconds.)
  • Failsafe (If the target is lost or outrunning the Stalker, should it detonate? Defaults to yes.)

The Stalker is available in HE, fragmentation, and flash variants.