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Blizzard System




After his takeover, Salvador Suerton renamed the continent previously known as Mossa. It is unique on Ellix, as it's composed mostly of warm badlands and thick forests.

It is now ruled by Salvador's 56th descendant, Augustus Suerton.


Suerton With Salvador Suerton's massive takeover of most of the civilized world in 2966, he abolished all other countries on the newly renamed Suerton continent and created a new one under his rule, also known as Suerton. This is where it all began; the no-nonsense, all-combat Ellixan way of life. It has been ruled exclusively by the Suerton family since the beginning, with Augustus Suerton as its current leader.

In the thousand years since it began, Suerton's military has become, arguably, the most powerful in the galaxy. The nature of the military has been the subject of much debate galaxy-wide, as children begin light military training at age five to prepare them for the rigorous training by twelve, at which age they are legally required, if physically able, to keep a weapon easily accessible at all times to defend their home, land, people, and country.