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Blizzard System



Perrenor (phonetic: pair-eh-nor) was once a primarily tropical world, but when the Rylians invaded, it was turned into a sickening pool of toxic waste and radioactive sludge. The atmosphere was poisoned to the point where no living being could survive.

Before it achieved the point of no return, survivors built a series of inhabitable domes, completely shutting off the outside. Because nobody of any moral character cared to live inside a sunless dome, which was, in turn, inside a fatally toxic atmosphere, Perrenor became both one of the largest manufacturing planets in the universe and one of the worst social cesspools.

Perrenor, as one of the worst social cesspools in the universe, is home to gangs, druggies, drug dealers, mobs, and every other filth you can imagine.

Though some of the greatest technological advancements in Daireem have the name "Perrenor TechSystems" slapped on, a fact that is the only good thing Perrenorans have to their name, this is only due to the fact that their gigantic manufacturing plant is located on Perrenor. Their headquarters is, in fact, located in the Charlu system, on planet Micc.