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Meeriad (phonetic: mere-ee-ad) is a mythical world of fantasy adventure; a small Earth-like planet that was only released from Dominion Master control, and thus opened to space travel, less than two years ago. To date, it had the most Dominion Masters to its name; four, to be exact. Though Meeriad was the third planet in Daireem to be terraformed, the Dominion Masters refused to leave it to its own devices for thousands of years. The political environment of Meeriad was heavily influenced by the Dominion Masters, as whoever made them particularly unhappy was quickly struck with a high-powered ion cannon blast from space.

Though for Meeriad's inhabitants, monsters and magic have simply been facts of life, the Dominion Masters, in fact, genetically engineered the wild beasts roaming the world as well as guided the people toward discovering magic.

Before the Dominion Masters arrived, however, the planet's atmosphere was already breathable by humans, oddly enough, and the world was inhabited by sentient creatures calling themselves Linhi. They are rather secretive about their ways and remain a mystery to humanity, but are friendly regardless.

For most of its existence, Meeriad has been at peace, barring the "Wrath of God" incident a thousand years ago. However, an incident occurred about a year before the planet's release from Dominion Master control; a very large power grab spanning several governments and corporations across Dankton. In an attempt to prevent action similar to Liebrel's Reckoning (AKA the "Wrath of God",) the Dominion Masters used world-famous mercenary group Storms, Gibson, & Conner to fight the movement. With the assistance of ex-President of Callice and now-fugitive Keith Black, the group exposed the power-hungry bureaucrats and put an end to their plans. In the process, Black faked his own death, changed his name, and joined the mercenary group that has always had this ship and been doing missions in space.

Shortly after the Dominion Masters released Meeriad in 4226, Rylians wasted no time invading. The siege was sudden and devastating, and the Dominion Masters, who wished to maintain their anonymity, declined assistance for three months. When the Meerian's inferior technology proved too much of a disadvantage and the tides of war showed no signs of turning, the Dominion Masters moved their Motor De la Suciedad--now disguised as a second moon--into firing position and decimated the Rylian fleet, allowing the Meerians to clean up the ground troops over the next few months. Though the invasion was devastating, Meeriad has already recovered swimmingly.

Meerians almost exclusively believe in the mantra "an armed society is a polite society." Firearms are a very large part of the culture of Meeriad; in fact, virtually every household is home to at least one fully-automatic firearm, as in no country is there any limitation on firearms ownership. Smaller ordnance such as grenades are even unanimously unrestricted worldwide. In some countries, larger explosives such as aircraft-carried bombs and missiles may be more difficult to legally acquire, though nowhere are they banned outright.

Governments across the Lands of Meeriad are largely identical to one another, running in a truly democratic manner. It is ingrained in Meerian society that the government should be as small as possible, and, in summary, should do almost nothing.

Quick Facts:

  • Meeriad was enclosed by a planet-sized spaceship up until 4226—just over a year ago. This means space travel, in or out, was impossible before.
  • Firearms are a huge part of Meerian culture, and the vast majority of Meerians own and remain proficient with them. Militaries and governments have always been kept small by the people.
  • Magic is commonplace on Meeriad, much moreso than most other planets in Daireem, excepting Micc.
  • Humans are the most common race on Meeriad, but kiefans, night elves, orcs, and demons are also quite numerous.
  • Meeriad is well-known for a very large number of privately-owned aircraft as general transportation, mostly because most civilization is fairly small, and separated by beast-infested wilderness.
  • The Meerian wilderness is very dangerous, as it is home to a host of strange and deadly beasts, often referred to as monsters.