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Blizzard System



"Slim bacht et gud fraganh."
(Lixan, "We'll never have days that rad again.")

Ellix (phonetic: ell-ix) is a rather small world, with a generally cool climate. In its early days exposed to the rest of the galaxy, it was often invaded and swarming with low-lives. This was until Salvador Suerton united the world under one government, focused almost entirely on military dominance. As years passed, a ruthless system of worldwide military training and criminal punishment cleaned up the world and created a planet of the most effective natural combat machines in the galaxy.

Things have remained this way since. Some of the laws include mandatory military training between ages 5 and 17 and required reserve military service if physically able.

Hundreds of years passed. The Suerton family continued to rule. Eventually, many others wished to instate their own rules. The Suerton family told them to buzz off and go find somebody else's planet to ruin, but, through some conflict, they agreed to allow the creation of two other countries.

After many years with their own new rules, the new countries decided that Suerton's plans were indeed the best, and revamped their entire governments to exactly mirror Suerton's. Though it would be easier to simply unify the countries once again, they liked the names, and their leaders liked having power, even though they copied anything Suerton did.

In the year 3693, after lengthy in-fighting got boring, the armies of Ellix banded together and assaulted the entirety of inhabited Daireem. They were met with a good fight, but quickly prevailed. After humbly thanking every opposing world individually for giving them a decent challenge, the Ellixans returned to their homeworld and have never experienced a single war since.

Nobody messes with Ellix.