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Blizzard System



Vansid (phonetic: van-sid), for reasons unknown, is a nearly entirely-flooded planet, with most of its civilization divided into either repulsorlift-powered floating cities, only a few meters above sea level, or underwater colonies. The largest cluster of repulsorlift cities, Qwarke, is certainly a sight to behold, most of it kept uncommonly clean and offering an excellent view of the seemingly-infinite ocean from almost anywhere.

On a good day, that is. Vansid is plagued by large storms. While not particularly destructive, they are an annoyance and can cause the cities to drift away from their usual position, sometimes ending up dangerously close to land formations or even grounded.

Vansidian people are largely peaceful, often going far out of their way to avoid conflict. This is mostly due to the fact that it would be very easy to sink 40% of the world's population or flood another 30%.

Vansid is, however, the most technologically advanced planet in the Blizzard system, producing many revolutionary computer systems, weapons, and about everything else.