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Blizzard System




Kendill is a medium-sized dome, about eleven miles across. Largely avoided by those who know its nature, it is home to quite a bit of gang activity, but relatively well-maintained. While there are a handful of small-time gangs, two bigshots dominate the area: the Red Crown Fiends and Moon Street.

  • Red Crown Fiends

The Red Crown Fiends--often abbreviated to simply RCF--are based out of the Crown District and get their kicks from drug manufacturing and dealing, carjacking, robbery, and contract killing. In general, the Red Crown Fiends are a violent lot, using intimidation as their primary method of achieving their goals, though they will occasionally have civil meetings with their various "business partners." They have a long standing rivalry with Starlight Square-based gang Moon Street.

Red Crown Fiends can commonly be identified by their red and black clothing, though if not wearing such clothing, they are required to carry a red bandana somewhere on the right side of their body.

  • Moon Street

Moon Street, based out of Starlight Square, are slightly more respectable than their rivals, the Red Crown Fiends, in a street gang sort of way. Though their operations consist of pimping, drug dealing, extortion, kidnapping, and shady gambling rackets, they're well-organized businessmen and avoid violence if possible, but viciously protective of their territory and members. They treat their business associates well, but have been known to deploy hit squads to Red Crown Fiend gatherings without warning.

Members of Moon Street are identifiable by their blue and/or purple clothing, though some choose simply to wear a blue or purple bandana on their head or left side.

Crown District A place full of tenement housing, low to medium income shops, and some clubs, bars, and strip joints. Red Crown Fiend turf.

Starlight Square Apartment buildings, medium to high income shops and businesses, and expensive restaurants, bars, and high-class strip clubs. Arguably the highest class district in Kendill, and also the location of the infamous Moon Street gang.

The Skid Very low income tenement housing, with a few low income businesses. Also several food and clothing banks to aid the excess of homeless in the area.

The Gateway A small district in the center of Kendill. Houses the spaceport and FET hub, a few ship and car dealerships, hotels, and a select few high-end shops.

The Factories An industrial area, with some tenements and stores, with not much else to speak of. Dark alleys and abandoned warehouses prove useful for gang activity, however.

The Bar An average neighborhood, mostly useless to the gangs, so they leave it alone. Low to medium income shops, tenement and apartment buildings make up this fairly narrow district.

The Rocks A semi-industrial district. Tenements and some low income shops, plus a few factories, including a large concrete plant.