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Blizzard System



Sunder Smaller than Dankton, with a much lower population. Sekhmet and Sorna are the most populated countries on the continent, and even they aren't very big, despite the large amount of commerce taking place there. Smaller villages litter the rest of the continent.

Sekhmet The largest and most modern country of the Sunder continent. Sekhmet has a very large port where the majority of the continent's trade takes place.

Sorna Considerably smaller than Sekhmet, Sorna is a highly industrial country, producing most of the world's popular mass-produced products.

Liebrel About a thousand years ago, Liebrel was a fast-growing country that was doing extremely well. Unfortunately, one day a phenomenon known only as the "Wrath of God" turned the entire country into a smoldering crater that is still burning to this day. The phenomenon was in fact the result of the Dominion Masters' ion cannon; as Liebrel's political environment was too out of control to reverse, the Dominion Masters made the terrible choice of simply turning the country and its denizens to ash. This horrible fact remains a secret to all but the Dominion Masters themselves.

Torbald Torbald is a sparsely populated desert country with no government, savage monsters, and savage people. It's not very pleasant.

Cortan Cortan is a sort of sacred ground for elves, and thus is a serene, almost untouched forest country. Cities are primarily built above ground, around trees, with as little harm to the environment as possible.