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Blizzard System



Dankton A continent of all varieties. It's covered with beaches, deserts, forests, caves, mountains, you name it. It is the most populated of Meeriad's continents. Dankton was once a giant country spanning the entire continent, but, as dispute grew between the states, they each declared their independence and became separate countries and kingdoms; however, the continent retained the name.

Callice The largest country in the world, it was once the capital of the country of Dankton. Though it has only one city, there are small fringe areas unoccupied by the city. It retains the essence of Dankton as when it was still a country.

Nookiya A giant forest residing east of Callice. There is a surprisingly large amount of orcs and goblins living here, but they tend to keep to themselves and the resident night elves keep them in check. There are also a few small human villages.

Mesania The second largest kingdom of Dankton. They declared themselves independent of the Dankton government over a hundred years ago.

Zanardio Zanardio was the earliest to declare its independence of Dankton, doing so over four hundred years ago. It boasts one of the most powerful armies in the world, and is the home of several members of the famous mercenary group SG&C.

Zanardio's capital, Quze City, is home to an unscathed Rylian capital ship-turned-museum and tourist attraction.

Wyndor One of the latest separatists from Dankton, seceding only sixty years ago. Oddly windy, and electricity usually comes from the large windmills scattered throughout the entire kingdom, hence its name. The y in place of the i is simply because it "looked cool," rather than being derived from another language, as local lore claims.

Hejuti The smallest country of Dankton, it is an industrial country that few people live in. The population has slowly decreased over the past three years from its already-low count.

Abortox A mage city-state which, oddly, looks like a town from the dark ages. This is probably due to it being one of the oldest countries in existence; old habits apparently die hard. Five different magic schools reside in this city, and an unbelievable amount of magic shops take up the town square. Abortox is the one most mage-friendly city in the world. Despite being referred to as a city, it is its own country; a hierarchy of magi governs in theory, but the people tend to govern themselves.

Aethes Although many people inhabit this kingdom, it is still relatively young, coming into existence only a hundred-fifty years ago. There is nothing particularly noteworthy about it.

Neutral Area An area possessed by no one; it lies wedged north of Abortox, south of Hejuti, and west of Callice. It exists in a state of anarchy, but is not as bad as it sounds, as few live there; those who do typically believe in living off the land and leaving others alone.