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Model: EE1
Manufacturer: Perrenor Galactic
Type: Capital
Field: Space
Hyperdrive: Three redundant long-range Hyperspace Technologies HPIM Drives
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Length: 1.2 miles
Capacity: 2,450 men / 96 fighters / 32 shuttles
Armaments: 160x heavy ion turrets / 64x heavy missile turrets / 96x heavy gauss turrets / 32x nuclear warheads

Price: 3,287,000 tape

The Perrenor Galactic EE1 capital ship was first manufactured during the war that ravaged Perrenor, four hundred years ago. It was designed to enter battle head-on, take a beating, and wipe out everything in sight. As the Perrenoran brutes learned about a little thing called "tactics," the EE1 became an even more powerful fighting machine.

Since the war, EE1's continued to be produced, but in smaller quantities. Many war veterans were converted to cruise liners and even space colonies. Older production runs were not equipped with hyper drives or even shields, but since have been upgraded with advanced redundant PIM drives and primitive shields.

Weapons are sluggish, but numerous and powerful. In olden times they could lay down so much fire nobody could stand up to them, but as time wears on and technology continues to advance, the EE1 grows more reliant on its complement of fighters and uses its own turrets more as suppressive weapons.

The EE1, though designed centuries ago, was far ahead of its time, and remains an excellent ship.