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Vansid AeroSpace 556S Coyote Mk. II

Model: 556S Coyote Mk. II
Manufacturer: Vansid AeroSpace
Type: Fighter
Field: Atmosphere
Hyperdrive: No
Life Support: No
Artificial Gravity: No
Weight Class: Light
Armaments: 1x light ion rack / 2x autocannon racks / 2x missile rails

Price: 22,000 tape

The Vansid AeroSpace 556S Coyote Mk. II, the younger brother of the 556A, is a small one-man fighter for light combat and recon. After the incredible success of the Coyote, and enormous public demand for a variant designed for atmospheric flight, the 556S was introduced. Though it is only capable of atmospheric flight, it excels at what it does, qualifying as one of the best light atmospheric fighters in the galaxy. One of the only atmospheric fighters in its class to employ inertial dampeners, the 556S allows for a much larger pilot base.

Because it uses the exact same cockpit layout as the 556A, pilots who are already trained in the use of the 556A require minimal training to pilot the 556S.

 The factory default weapon configuration is only two fixed forward-facing 20mm rotary multi-barrel autocannons, but the systems are designed for easy installation.

Although most modern air and spacecraft are equipped with vertical take off and landing capabilities, the 556S requires a minimum of 900 feet of landing strip.