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Vansid AeroSpace 556A Coyote

Model: 556A GreyWolf
Manufacturer: Vansid AeroSpace / Price Metalworks
Type: Fighter
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Short-range Morris Driveyards SR-PIM Drive
Life Support: No
Artificial Gravity: No
Weight Class: Light
Armaments: 2x light ion racks / 1x missile rails

Price: 23,000 tape

Originally a Vansid AeroSpace 556A Coyote, Perrenor's Price Metalworks, with some hidden cooperation with the infamous Moon Street, has worked to mass-produce their modified Coyote, designed for a slightly different role, creating the GreyWolf. It is a small one-man fighter for light combat and recon, and has been equipped with a short range hyper drive and a small cargo container, large enough to hold some equipment or a prisoner.

Like the stock model, it is capable of atmospheric flight, but handling is drastically worsened and high-speed flight is particularly dangerous.

Due to the large power requirement of the hyperdrive, the ship's power generator cannot support it in tandem with the weapons systems, causing a dead time between deactivating weapons and engaging the hyperdrive, on average 46 seconds.

Due to weight differences and power requirements, the GreyWolf is only equipped with two ion racks and one missile rack, unlike the original Coyote, which has three ion and two missile racks; however, the GreyWolf is more of a hunter than a fighter, and with its improved computer system, the pilot has access to better scanning capabilities, improved targeting, and an artificial co-pilot.

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