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Model: CP3 Vexxer
Manufacturer: Corman-Falee
Type: Shuttle
Field: Space, atmosphere
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Weight Class: Light
Capacity: Eight humans

Price: 24,500 tape

The Corman-Falee CP3 Vexxer is intended as a personal vehicle. It is thick and seems larger than it is from the outside, but the inside is quite cramped. Thanks to this, however, it is pretty well shielded from attack.

The rear compartment, though it can be used as a small cargo bay or passenger area, is equipped with a fold-down twin bed, and the walls are covered in GS1221 attachment points, for mounting televisions, monitors, pictures, or what have you. An optional kitchen package is even available, placing a small refrigerator, microwave oven, stove/oven range, sink, and cupboards on the wall opposite the bed. Warning labels warn not to use the kitchen while under fire or during fast normal space motion.

Though it is designed with living quarters in mind, even the cockpit is quite comfortable. Though small, the seat reclines and locks into place while in use, with all controls conveniently placed for easy access, requiring little movement by the pilot.

The Vexxer's engines are self-contained, each placed at the four corners of the box-shaped ship. The life support system (with integrated artificial gravity) is spread out through the hull so as not to just take up one large space.