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Model: J1M1 War Wagon
Ziljing Industries
Type: Transport
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Medium-range Hyperspace Technologies HPR-K
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Weight Class: Medium
Cargo Space (Long, Wide, Tall): 30.3x16x12 feet

Price: 46,000 tape

The Ziljing Industries J1M1 War Wagon, actually a Pernica design licensed by Ziljing, is a heavily-armed cargo hauler with most of its space dedicated to cargo storage. The cockpit is located inside a rear-mounted tower, accessed by a ladder inside. The J1M1's cargo bay consists of the entire hull of the ship below the cockpit and has enough space for two small vehicles placed side-by-side, a single large vehicle, such as a tank, or, with some creative thinking, a small ship. The ship is intended to be manned by one person, and in fact has no crew quarters.

The J1M1 is armed with thirteen turrets--three on each side and seven on the top--and two side-mounted heavy missile pods. Each turret contains one heavy ion blaster and one 30mm railgun.

The J1M1 is equipped with several repulsorlifts for hovering capabilities inside an atmosphere.