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Model: LTA25
Perrenor Galactic
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Medium-range Morris Driveyards MR-PIM Drive
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Weight Class: Very Heavy
Cargo Space (Long, Wide, Tall): 90x75x48 feet

Price: 156,000 tape

Perrenor Galactic's LTA25 is a nice, if a little bit bland, transport ship. The front of the ship has two floors, with a crew quarters, passenger quarters, bathrooms/showers, and kitchen/dining area. The top floor houses the cock-pit, a recreation room, and a storage room for equipmeant and supplies. The rear of the ship is what houses monstrous cargo bay, which is also equipped with life support and artificial gravity. The ship is segmented; if the need arises, the captain can jettison the entire rear end of the ship, dropping the entire cargo bay area.

The recommended crew is six, but it can be handled by only two people if need be. The crew quarters can comfortably house ten people, and the passenger area can hold fifteen more.

The inside of the LTA25 is comfortable, but not much to look at; dull silvers and steels make up most of the colors inside. The furniture is nice though, with comfortable beds and chairs, and the recreation room comes stock with an All-In-One game table, with several hundred games programmed in, along with a pool table and a television.

Design by Alex Williams