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M7W Mack

Model: M7W Mack
Manufacturer: Ziljing Industries
Weight Class: Medium
Height: 30 feet
Armaments: 2x autocannon racks / 1x medium ion rack / 2x medium missile racks

The Ziljing Industries M7W Mack is a medium bipedal one-man assault Walker, designed for front-on battle. On the left arm resides one missile rack and the right arm an autocannon. On top of the torso, in the centerline, is the medium ion rack, and the other autocannon and missile racks are to the left and right sides of the torso, respectively. It is equipped with jump jets to clear heights up to 34 feet. The plexiglass cockpit with holographic HUD allows for a full 180 degree view.

At the proper angle, a Mack can, in theory, withstand atmospheric entry with the use of a less powerful, and thus less fuel-burning, drop jet setting, as well as very limited space travel due to the small emergency life support system and space jets which are powered by the Walker's nuclear generator rather than the jump jets' fossil fuel. Note that the space jets are so obscenely weak that the thought of interplanetary travel is beyond laughable; their only use is clumsy maneuverability in zero gravity. To put it bluntly, there is no Gundam-style space battle capability.