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Model: 4000CT
Manufacturer: Perrenor Galactic
Type: Fighter
Field: Space
Hyperdrive: No
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: No
Weight Class: Medium
Armaments: 3x medium ion racks / 2x light missile rails / 2x heavy autocannon racks

Price: 29,000 tape

The Perrenor Galactic 4000CT is the latest in the long line of models designed to accommodate the EE1 capital ship. It is a dogfighter, plain and simple, but can be mounted with missiles for those jobs blasters and autocannons just can't handle.

Because the 4000CT is designed as a complement fighter for capital ships, it has no hyper drive. It is equipped with light shields, but it's designed to never have to use them. With its slim profile and small wing structure, it is a difficult target to hit.

The 4000CT is not capable of atmospheric travel.