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Ziljing Industries VZ48 Hunter

Model: VZ48 Hunter
Manufacturer: Ziljing Industries
Type: Fighter
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: No
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: No
Weight Class: Light
Armaments: 2x light/medium ion racks / 4x missile rails

Price: 24,000 tape

The Ziljing Industries VZ48 Hunter is a two-seat general purpose fighter designed with versatility in mind. Unlike many fighters, the VZ48's wings include flaps and are shaped to accommodate atmospheric flight, rather than relying on raw speed and power to keep it in the air like the 556A Coyote.

The VZ48 comes from the factory armed only with two light ion blasters, but the systems are preconfigured to simply attach missiles to the rails and be done with it. The rails can accept any variety of missiles or bombs. There is an open space on each wing where one could potentially add two more weapon racks or missile rails, but it would require some warranty-voiding modification.