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Model: MTR-82 Spacehawk
Morris Driveyards
Type: Transport
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Short-range Morris Driveyards SR-PIM Drive
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Weight Class: Light
Cargo Space (Long, Wide, Tall): 17x14x12 feet

Price: 23,000 tape

The Morris Driveyards MTR-82 Spacehawk is a light, inexpensive cargo hauler and the main competitor of the more popular Perrenor Galactic JN316 Beast. Basically a box truck among cargo transports, it is composed of only three compartments: the cockpit, the four-bed crew quarters, and the cargo bay. It can be easily manned by one person, and, for various reasons, the Spacehawk is far less expensive than the JN316 Beast.

Despite this, the price difference is still surprisingly lopsided, as the MTR-82 is equipped with a Morris Driveyards PIM hyperdrive, full life support with separate branches for each compartment of the ship, artificial gravity, four separate external engines which double as landing gear, and airtight blast doors between the cargo bay, crew quarters, and cockpit.

The MTR-82's only armament is a single forward-facing 40mm gauss cannon.