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Vansid AeroSpace 556A Coyote

Model: 556A Coyote
Manufacturer: Vansid AeroSpace
Type: Fighter
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: No
Life Support: No
Artificial Gravity: No
Weight Class: Light
Armaments: 3x light/medium ion racks / 2x missile rails

Price: 21,000 tape

The Vansid AeroSpace 556A Coyote is a small one-man fighter for light combat and recon. It does not come equipped with a hyper drive, but can easily be equipped with one. To keep size and weight to a minimum, there are no life support systems, and thus the pilot must wear a special flight suit for space travel. It is capable of atmospheric flight, but handling is drastically worsened and high-speed flight is particularly dangerous.

The factory default weapon configuration is only two fixed forward-facing medium ion blasters, but the systems are designed for easy installation.

Despite its low price tag and minimal armament, the 556A is a formidable space fighter.