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Model: T5 Galaxy
Morris Driveyards
Type: Transport
Field: Space, atmosphere
Hyperdrive: Medium-range Morris Driveyards MR-PIM Drive
Life Support: Yes
Artificial Gravity: Yes
Weight Class: Very Heavy
Cargo Space (Long, Wide, Tall): 86x64x48 feet

Price: 132,000 tape

The T5 Galaxy was originally designed for large shipments of large equipment and vehicles, but is more often used as a mobile base for very wealthy mercenary groups or pirates.

Similar to the L20, most of the T5's frame is taken up by its enormous cargo bay, though still having room in front for four floors, and three floors in the rear for its recommended crew of six, as well as up to 18 passengers.

The inside of the T5 isn't exactly pretty, thanks to its incredibly modular design. Its design is such that the very shape and size of each room inside the ship can be easily changed by only three men, and any furniture using the GS1221 standard mounting system can be secured to any surface without tools.