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Alex Dean
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1/29/2006 8:32:41 PM

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Alex Dean

Character Name: Alex Dean
Race: Human
Weapon: FN Five-Seven
Ship: MTR-82 Spacehawk
--1 medium gauss cannon (fixed forward facing)

Age: 23
Description: Alex is a very straightforward man who never wastes time or beats around the bush. Of average build--slightly on the skinny side, but not scrawny. He is never seen wearing anything other than a dark-colored polo shirt and blue jeans. Generally, he is also wearing a brown suede jacket. He carries his Five-Seven in a custom leather hip holster and a Spyderco Delica 4 (combo edge) in his right front pocket.
History: Alex was born on Flistna to an abusive family. Somehow he kept his head and made it through school until he turned fifteen. After being abused for years, he fled and began living with his girlfriend and her parents. Not wanting to be a mooch toward them, he moved out days after turning 18. After hopping around jobs for two years, he leased a two-man ship and left the planet with his girlfriend to find his calling. He never did, but he did buy a ship and become a freelance cargo hauler.

After a case of bad judgment, a bad deal with some shady folks left his girlfriend dead. This put him over the edge, and he killed everybody involved in the murder of his girlfriend.

After a few years, he recovered his head and continued the job. He has since made it his policy to never ship anything unless he knows for certain exactly what was in the package and agreed with it. Since then, he continued a pretty dead-end life as a cargo hauler, making just enough money to be somewhat comfortable, though his ship, a JN316 Beast, continued to deteriorate.

On a routine delivery in Qwarke, Vansid, he met Alata Rorian after she helped him stop a man from killing him with a plasma rifle Alex was delivering. After looting a derelict (salvaging a fully intact Walker Industries 30mm autocannon) in Vansid's orbit, they both took a trip to Jorgenson Ship Dealers on Flistna to find the dealership's namesake, Samuel Jorgenson, who Alex had heard was a top-notch ship mechanic. By this time, his ship's engine was a pile of duct tape and steel chunks and his artificial gravity didn't work.

In an attempt to scrounge up enough money for repairs or a new ship, Alex proceeded to make his rounds on Flistna to deliver any packages he could. Three blocks away from the dealership, the engine bought it and he crashed in the middle of a street. As much as he hated to, this forced him to trade the remains of the Beast and the Walker autocannon he had taken for a new ship; an MTR-82 Spacehawk. Just as he made the purchase, a group of ship thieves broke into Sam Jorgenson's display room and attempted to steal his ships. Alex helped Sam stop the thieves, killing most of them, but one got away with a 556A Coyote fighter. Sam lent Alex a small ship from his inventory to help him track down and recover the ship. Eventually, they recovered the ship, but Alex's brand new MTR-82 was damaged in the ensuing battle against a Burner Walker.

Later that day, a secret group--the Teas Covert Forces--upon seeing their victory against the Walker, approached Alex and Sam for a job. Stranded on Flistna, Alex decided to accept the TCF's offer and joined them. Their first job entailed scoping out an abandoned Vansidian capital ship half-way across the galaxy. They found next to nothing besides a shipful of large, ugly, ravenous creatures. Against Alex's wishes, they hauled one of the creatures' dead bodies back to Flistna. The TCF agents, seeming to know what it was but refraining from filling Alex and Sam in, took the body and disappeared, telling them to forget everything they saw. After only one more mission with the TCF, Alex and Sam acquired a TCF agent's armband and teleported themselves onto a large ship in orbit above Flistna. Shortly after arriving, they discovered that the creature they delivered to the TCF had been revived and cloned--thirty times. Soon after, for unknown reasons, most of the power on the ship was cut and the creatures let loose. With the help of interstellar convict Leon Mecheeto, they escaped the ship with a few of the non-hostile human inhabitants. Unfortunately, the teleporter operator didn't exactly know what he was doing and ended up teleporting them to the middle of a jungle 2,100 miles from Morganville, the city in which Jorgenson Ship Dealers resided. After trekking 10 miles to civilization, a city called Ledoux, they managed to hitch a ride with a friendly old woman back to Morganville.

In the boring time directly afterward, Alex was hired to deliver a package from Tecom to Menos. On the way to pick it up, he happened to get ripped from hyperspace by a very large vessel exiting hyperspace. The EMP knocked out Alex's hyperdrive, and, being in the absolute middle of nowhere in space, had no option but to board the ship. He discovered that it was desserted, except for a large spherical robot in an auditorium. Inside the auditorium stage happened to be an awesome hyperdrive, so, with the help of the spherical robot (which came to be known as "Diana,") he moved the hyperdrive to his own ship and left. Diana also informed Alex that the capital ship is now his, but the navigational controls are locked and thus, the ship cannot be moved. Regardless, it was in the middle of nowhere between two star systems, so it would make a great house and/or hiding spot. Alex happily agreed.

After completing his shipment and returning to Jorgenson Ship Dealers on Flistna, he and Sam discovered that the Teas Covert Forces were under the assumption that Sam and Alex were behind the destruction of the TCF space station a few days ago. They discovered this by a sniper attempting to kill them both. They then gathered all of their friends in the immediate area and left the planet, initially headed for Micc, but changing their course a few hours later to Alex's new capital ship.

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Daireem - Alex Dean
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