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Verda Stelo
Pilot of the "Esperanto"
8/20/2010 8:20:51 AM

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End of Solitude

"Aĵo triborde"

Verda raised her eyebrows as the Esperanto's computer spoke, alerting her to an object to starboard. Unexpected.  She had been enjoying her solitude. She touches a few controls to bring the object into view from the pilot's chair.  A ship.  Too far away to see who or what it is exactly.  Brought up to be polite to strangers, but by experience cautious of potential pirates, Verda readies the weapons with one hand and opens a communications channel with the other.

"This is the pilot of the GreyWolf ship "Esperanto".  Unidentified craft heading in my direction, please identify yourself."

She wonders if it is perhaps another craft from her own people who had heard of what had befallen her home station and come to help survivors, that had tracked the last ship to leave the station after her home had been destroyed by pirates.  A long shot, but possible.  She therefore adds the same request in her native language.

"Mi estas piloto de la Grizlupŝipo "Esperanto". Senkonata ŝipo kiu venas al mi; bonvolu indentigu vin mem."

"Estas pli bone ekbruligi kandelon, ol malbeni la tenebron.”
(It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness)
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9/30/2010 2:05:11 AM

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RE: End of Solitude

He heard a voice in his head. Awakened from his hibernative tasks of sorting out fragmented coding and eliminating old and useless information, his processes cleared, and he saw. He felt. It was deathly cold and dark. He heard the voice again, and it was clearer now. How was he receiving? He felt around him. He was moving... Drifting, except for the soft tugging on his arm every few moments. He turned his head and snaked his eyes along his arm. He was connected. To what? Was he still upon Aries' Regret? He swiveled his head in the other direction. Stars? He could not find it in his logics processor to understand what was going on. He interfaced with the device. As he drifted in what he discerned to be zero gravity, the transfer cables attached to his wrist tethered him to what he detected as the communications terminal. He replayed the last received message. A traveller? It was a weak signal, but he processed out the static. Junk floated all around him. Bits of metal ricoche'd softly off his skin and he examined the trail of debris floated off into the void. His internal systems were sluggish. The power must have been low on the terminal... The emergency battery must have been on the whole time. He quickly replied to the message. The signal was still weak, and he was certain that a clear S.O.S. would be impossible.

"**** Manda*** AI Construct ***** **** Regret **** S.O.* *** Any Suriv**** Assist****---"

The emergency battery deactivated. He could not run the terminal on his personal power. He could only hope that the message had made it out. He remained tethered to the terminal, though he had no access to any external systems through it. It would be much safer to remain with the floating wreckage than risk drifting away into nothingness...
Daireem - End of Solitude
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