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Amonost Doriath

Character Name: Amonost Doriath
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Weight: 176 lbs.
Height: 5' 7"
Weapon: Perennor TechSystems Satyr, Beretta Cx4 Storm (9x19mm), Lern 42, Spyderco C52PBRG Calypso Jr.
Ship/Vehicle: Ziljing VZ48 Hunter "The Epic" (fighter)
--4 missile rails
--2 light ion blasters (fixed forward facing)

Description: Amonost is not a very tall man, and somewhat stocky. His hair is lightish brown, short, and messy. His eyes are turquoise. His face is round-ish, with pronounced cheeks, and his expression is often a sort of mischievous smile.

He is most often seen wearing some sort of light-colored V-neck sweater with a preference for green and the collar of a black T-shirt showing above the sweater collar, and khaki pants. Sometimes, however, he wears the 556A Coyote's flight suit because it looks awesome.
History: Amonost is the brother of Eruantion Doriath, born three years later in the middle levels of Qwarke on Vansid. When Eruantion moved out, Amonost became very impatient to leave, as his entire family annoyed him. When he did move out, he got a job on Ellix as a loan officer, gathering himself some top-notch people skills. After hunting down his brother a few years later, he trained as a fighter pilot with his Ziljing VZ48 Hunter and joined the Vansid Mercenary Corp. as well.

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Daireem - Amonost Doriath
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