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Kapitein Piet
(Ethical) Space Pirate
1/18/2009 10:51:31 AM

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Kapitein Piet

Character Name: Kapitein "Donderop" Piet

Age: 62

Gender: M

Species: Human

Description: Kapitein Piet is old, grizzled, and overweight. He generally wears baggy black trousers tucked in his boots, a patched black overcoat with brass buttons, a brown leather vest, and the shirt underneath usually unbuttoned halfway down his chest.

Although his appearance and demeanor often cause people to think he's an awful, humorless, and depressed man, he actually carries a deepseated optimism. His heart is warm, his eyes appreciates beauty in all its forms, his compassion is heartfelt, and his sense of justice is true. It's perhaps unfortunate that this isn't evident most of the time, especially lately; however, he still livens up when placed behind the controls of a ship - he'll bellow out order to his crew in gleeful musical tones, make dirty jokes with the cabin personnel, and overall show just how much fun he's having.

"Kapitein" is a nearly forgotten form of the word "captain", which is still used in some dialects. Nobody really knows whether that's his given name, or one he chose for himself sometime in the past.

His nickname "Donderop" also stems from that same dialect - it's a phrase he's prone to utter on drunken nights (or drunken mornings) if somebody asks too many questions. And if they don't immediately "donder op", he makes sure that they do. Hence his bulbous nose - the end result of decades of alcoholism and broken noses.

History: In the past, Kapitein had another nickname: "Flying Dutchman." He earned it in different ways through the years, but it stuck with him for nearly half his life.

As a boy, his dream was to become a starliner captain, or perhaps a great explorer, like Magellan or Picard. His head was always in the clouds, constantly yearning for a glimpse of space - for the hum of hyperdrives that he read about so often - for freedom from gravity's oppressive grasp. But his family was very poor, and could afford neither pilot school, nor the time to study for entry exams.

Having only a life of toil on the farm to look forward to, Kapitein turned to drugs, earning his "Flying Dutchman" nickname in a completely different way through his adolescence. The lifestyle of an addict had unanticipated positive consequences, of sorts - he fell in with a bad crowd, but it was a crowd with access to spacecraft.

Finally able to exercise his passion for space by running intra-system smuggling trips, he transported goods from the hydroponic micrograv growers and biochem labs that produced the narcotics (hidden in the asteroid belts and in hazardously tight orbits around the star) to the inhabited planets in the system. He progressed quickly from a novice co-pilot of small personal craft to a seasoned runner, officer-in-charge of the large vessels carrying tons of contraband. Steel nerves and a sixth sense for opportunity earned him respect, admiration, and a reputation as pilot, smuggler, and captain.

Back home, his family begged him to leave his life of crime and return to the safety of the farm. Having tasted the cold embrace of space, all he could do is swear off the crime, but planetside was no longer his home. "Donder op!" is all he managed to say when they pleaded with him to stay.

He took the first chance he got - how he succeeded in stuffing a shipful of crewmates into a single lifeboat, dropping his comrades and the contraband off at a sheriff's depot, and escaping the police cruisers single-handedly manning a capital ship is a story that has been told and re-told in the spacelanes for over three decades.

Kapitein Piet collected a crew in a nearby system and became a pirate of sorts. But not an ordinary pirate - instead of preying on the weak, stealing and pillaging for personal gain, he targeted the galactic elite, rich criminals, and drug lords. The loot was always donated to welfare organizations, except what was used to purchase equipment and make repairs. Innocent victims (on cruise liners, for example) were always left unharmed. The guilty were generally stuffed in lifeboats and sent in the direction of law enforcement.

This mode of life worked reasonably well - the constant danger, the beauty of outer space, and the good deeds were all to Kapiteins liking. Sadly, though, he had not quite left the life of crime - what he did was officially illegal, and he often had to run from the law. This was a touchy subject, one about which he was a bit ashamed. Perhaps this is why, when asked which his home system was, he just replies "donder op!"

Item(s): A revolver (800 tape), Corman-Falee Beam Saber, Glock Field Knife 78 (the bottle opener comes in handy!), a nice tobacco pipe, and everything that a retro pirate captain might carry around.

Ship/Vehicle: The Calamitous: MC-41B Nexus *critically damaged*
At the particular moment Kapitein Piet joins the game, it's essentially an exploding piece of wreckage: on fire, leaking life support gases and fluids, weapons out of ammo and/or disabled, main engines failing. The hyperdrive is pretty much the only machinery left intact! Even the lifeboats are gone!
Hey Claudius...
You killed my father.
Big mistake.

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1/24/2009 2:28:57 PM

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RE: Kapitein Piet

Considering the state of your ship, I'll let it go. Laughing

Daireem - Kapitein Piet
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