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Street Fighter/Space Station
12/12/2008 8:10:37 PM

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Character Name: FREYA (acronym meaning unidentified)

Age: ? 0 - 30 years

Gender: Female

Species: Android


FREYA is not a humanoid android, but an intelligent space-station. Physically, she is an accumulation of robotic parts, spaceship junk, and mechanical detritus of all kinds.

Mentally, like any person she reflects her personal history and the origins and events that led to her physical being.  This means that she is kind, independent, patient, and flexible, but also very eccentric and limited.  Parts of her are brand-new and childlike in their lability while other modules are tempered by experience and display more maturity.

While most androids identify as gender-neutral or male unless they were built for a specifically feminine role in human society, FREYAs femininity derives from personality traits that emerged in post-production.


The actual origins of FREYA are lost to the depths of space-time, but it can reasonably be surmised that she started as an ordinary humanoid android with some capability for self-modification.  Further, it is likely that she received or perceived the task to reproduce pretty early on, because this single goal seems to have driven nearly all the subsequent events.  

This goal must be properly understood before things start making sense, so let's take it up here and now.  If FREYA's purpose was the simple multiplication of more of her kind, then she could have driven down to an appropriately equipped robot factory and ordered more androids. This sort of thing does happen periodically, but even the most narcissistic of androids seem to find little enjoyment in seeing more of themselves around like that.  But FREYA received a much more difficult and interesting task, namely that of personally producing copies of herself by herself.  Clearly, this brings up the question of what personhood means to an android who can modify herself.  Nobody knows exactly what answers FREYA has found to this philosophical conundrum, but by her actions we may intuit part of these answers.

Over a period of decades, FREYA transformed herself in steps. First she went from a humanoid cyborg to something resembling a utility-bot.  She hardened all her systems, replaced her legs with engines, and took to space.  By driving around junkyards and cleaning up after major battles, she scrounged up the intelligence and hardware required to build mechanical parts, print circuit boards, fabricate fuel rods, and generally make a fully functional factory. Even after all this, she went further.  Being too unwieldy to pursue parts by herself, she built a hotel and airlocks, soliciting for business of all kinds while scooting about the spacelanes.  

And now she seems pretty satisfied.  Now and again you'll see a new addition, or a fancier auto-lathe.  Some people theorize that she's building humanoid androids that are identical to how she started out.  Other people think this wouldn't satisfy her programming and she's going to keep increasing in size until she can split into two, kind of like cell mitosis.  Yet more people believe that she simply changed her programming, perhaps because the goal was unattainable and therefore bad programming or perhaps because she transcended some cybernetic limit.  A small faction is actually convinced that she is a mythological "dark queen of the androids" and is simply consolidating her power base before revolting and killing all life.  

Hotel Facilities:
Rooms (10-50 tape/night) - 10 single-occupancy (spartan), 5 double-occupancy, 2 8-person rooms (bunk beds)
Food - Shared kitchen, dining room. Food prepared to order (at cost) if raw materials are in stock, but.. how well can one expect a non-humanoid android to cook?
Other spaces - Please ask ahead of time.
Air & Water - FREE!  (closed-loop recycled)
Safe deposit box - Safest box in known space! (price/day asymptotically goes to zero, listing available upon request)

Hangar Facilities:
- 2 small airlocks for personnel and equipment transfers (1 tape/hour to dock)
- 1 big airlock suitable for large equipment or a small ship (5 tape/hour)
- Rent a repair-bot (100 tape/day)

Factory Floor Services:
- Small volume fabrication: You provide the materials, FREYA will put it together (price negotiable)
- Non-military androids repaired for FREE!

Are you an industrialist?  Why not write a supply contract with FREYA?  Right now, she needs:
- Hydrocarbons
- Rare earth metals
- Noble gases
- Aluminum or high-quality precursors
- Good conductors: copper, silver, gold, doped nanotubes
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Big mistake.

Dominion Master
12/16/2008 6:26:51 PM

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I love this idea.

Though you don't say if "she" is a space station that would be of utility to people or just basically a giant robotics facility in space.
Street Fighter/Space Station
12/17/2008 4:26:10 AM

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I did say that she built some hotel and airlock facilities, implying that fleshlings (people) could come visit.  For a fee, of course Wink.  I guess I'll make that more explicit.
Daireem - FREYA
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