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Daireem - Flistna
Leon Mecheeto Brothers in Arms
3/22/2008 4:00:15 AM

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No More Grape Soda

Alex's cargo ship touches down in the Jorgenson Ship Dealers parking lot. Everyone marches down the loading ramp and toward the office.

Dave pulls his head out from a small cruiser's service hatch.

Dave: Hey, you guys made it back alive. Did you stop "grape soda"?
Alex: Sure did! Went to prison too!

Dave gives him a look of uncertainty. Sam walks past, giving Dave a pat on the shoulder.

Sam: How's my shop doing while I was gone?
Dave: Same as always.
Sam: That bad, huh?

He clamps down on another toothpick--the last in his box--and heads inside to his office to search for candy bars and a new pack of toothpicks.

Alex: So, where're you two headed?

Leon and Fate turn to Alex.

Leon: An eating establishment.
Fate: We've got some things to talk about.
Alex: Oh. Well, see ya later.

He briefly watches as Leon and Fate walk off down the sidewalk, but then turns his attention to the fact that the mess of walkers and buildings has been almost completely cleaned up from that time way back... when was that anyway? Felt like months, but there's no way to know how long they've been gone.

Alex steps inside.


Leon and Fate stop at a familiar outdoor cafe. They take an empty seat and a waiter promptly arrives to take their orders.

Leon: What documents did you get a hold of, Fate?
Fate: Some regarding Straub, Scott, and Miller managing to get the 2nd Assault Division under their direct command. They're going to use it to come after you.
Leon: I need to speak to Suerton.
Fate: You'll never be able to get near him.
Leon: I know...
Fate: You could always just let it go. Stay here. They'd probably never find you.
Leon: I can't hide for the rest of my life. I need to clear this up.
Fate: Got anything in mind?
Leon: Not yet...

The waiter brings their meals and they chow down. After finishing up, they leave their tips and head back to Jorgenson. The local star is setting at this point.

They get back to the dealership and all the lights in the foyer are out. They only see light coming from Sam's office. Everybody else has apparently gone home for the day.

Leon knocks on the door to Sam's office.

Sam: It's unlocked.

Leon and Fate enter to see Sam sitting with his feet on his desk throwing paper airplanes. There is a significant pile of crashed planes across the room. Also across the room, Alex is sitting on a wobbly, wooden chair watching the tiny TV on the overflowing filing cabinet. It seems to be re-runs of Cops with extremely bad reception.

Alex: Man, don't you have cable?
Sam: At home.

An airplane hits Alex in the temple. He swats at it angrily.

Leon: We're turning in for the night.
Alex: Night.

Sam echoes Alex.

Leon and Fate head into the shop where their living quarters have been setup.

Fate pulls the documents out of her satchel that had been lying in the corner next to her cot. She hands them over to Leon who begins to peruse them.

Leon: You know why they wanted 2nd Assault, right?
Fate: Yeah—Force 12 is in that division.
Leon: Right.
Fate: I hope we don't ever meet them.

Leon hesitantly lies down on his cot. He normally just stands and waits, but it is more comfortable lying in wait.

Leon: Me too...

Fate lies down on her own cot, and they wait.
Leon Mecheeto Brothers in Arms
3/28/2008 12:31:13 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Leon awakens hastily to the buzz of an impact wrench. He sees out in the shop Dave going to town on the lug nuts of a ship.

He rolls out of the cot onto his feet, grabbing up his holstered Glock 18 and magazines, shoving them into his waistband. He slips on his work shirt with the "Kurt" name tag and heads out into the work area.

Fate soon follows, equipping her own USP Compact.

Dave watches Leon and Fate enter the shop. He seems to be thinking about something and suddenly smirks.

Dave: I never thought I'd be working in a grease pit with an Ellixan. Aren't you guys supposed to be the "ultimate killing machines" or somethin'?

Leon doesn't look amused. He examines the ship Dave was working on.

Leon: What's the problem with it?

Dave forgets his dumb statement and looks at the ship, a beat-up Ladybug shuttle.

Dave: Stabilizers need calibrating—heh, it flies cock-eyed—and there's a coolant leak somewhere around the pump.

Leon grabs a pair of greasy gloves off a toolbox and puts them on.

Dave: You just got up—don't you want some breakfast or somethin'?
Leon: I'm fine.

Dave shrugs and takes the last lugnut off to pull the access panel off. The inside is covered in neon green liquid, and more is dripping from a rotten ThermaRubber® hose clamped haphazardly to a rusty coolant pump.

Dave sighs.

Sam and Alex pull up to the main office in Sam's car. They climb out, grabbing their coats, and head inside. An elderly lady is inside with Carl. They look up at Sam and Alex as they enter.

Carl: Ah, here's someone who can help you now.
Sam: Good morning, ma'am. What do you need?
Elderly Lady, Betty: I'm looking for a nice new car.
Sam: I think we can help you there. I'm Sam.

He holds out his hand. The lady shakes it and introduces herself.

Sam: Are you looking for anything in particular?
Betty: I want something big and fluffy on the inside.
Sam: Well, let's take a stroll through the lot. Follow me...

They head outside to the rows and rows of vehicles of all types.

Alex, feeling abandoned, heads over to the garage only to find green liquid all over the floor and Dave cussing about how much he hates working on Ladybugs. The odor is putrid. Alex wrinkles his nose.

Alex: Having fun, I see.

Dave, from beneath the ship with green liquid oozing all over him, gives Alex the pinky.

Leon: I'm telling you—you should have drained it first.
Dave: I can't do that! It's just pouring slag all over!

Alex: I think I'll leave you two alone and try to advance the plot.

He heads outside the garage and decides to breathe in the morning air. Bad idea, though, as a truck burning oil and dragging its muffler had passed only seconds ago. He regrets the decision and, as penance, coughs in a loud, lung-busting manner.

After his fit, he regains his composure and surveys the surrounding city. There are no crimes being committed, everyone looks happy, and nothing seems out of place.

Alex: Man, this post can't be this boring.

It is.
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
Dominion Master
3/30/2008 12:45:39 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Alex stands there.

He sits on the curb.

Alex: It would be pretty cool if I had a sudden flashback to killing a bunch of nerds.

He fights a giggle.

Nothing happens.

A missile hits him, plowing through his chest cavity and killing him instantly.

Heavily armored men freefall through the roof of the workshop and throw grenades at everybody around, then check the bodies to see if they're Leon or Fate.

They're not.

The armored men move over to the lockers, slip grenades inside, and move on, hurling grenades into the back room in which Leon and Fate stay while others stay behind and throw grenades into the ships sitting in the workshop.

Voice: This place is screwed, let's go!

They fly off on jump jets.
Leon Mecheeto Brothers in Arms
3/30/2008 12:48:33 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Dave: What the...?

The Mecheeto siblings look severe.

Leon: That was Force 12.
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
Dominion Master
5/3/2008 12:42:52 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Alex stops daydreaming and stands up from the curb.

Alex: I wonder what Sam's doing.

He says to no one in particular, and disregarding the fact that mere minutes ago he was showing an elderly lady around the lot. Alex walks toward the main office. As he enters, he sees a man in—surprise surprise—a suit, talking to Carl at the counter.

Suit: Hello, is Mr. Jorgenson here?
Carl: He's with a customer right now, can I help you?
Suit: Just give him this letter, please.

He sets a yellow, unmarked envelope on the counter and slides it toward Carl.

Carl: And... who are you?
Suit: An interested party.

The suit turns to leave.

Carl: Oh no, mister. Alex, stop him.

Alex continues to stand by the door, oblivious.

Carl: I know your type! You tell me who you are, see?

The man turns back to Carl and sighs.

Suit: It's better for both of us if you don't know. Mr. Jorgenson will know.

He continues toward the door. Alex moves aside unthinkingly. The man leaves.

Carl: Sam's going to yell at me, but whatever...

He slips the envelope off the counter and heads toward his office.
Samuel Jorgenson
Ship Mechanic
Dominion Master
5/3/2008 1:06:30 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

As usual, Sam is sitting in his office, half asleep with his feet kicked up on his desk. His toothpick was hanging loosely out of his mouth, with drool trailing down his lips. A few short, sharp knocks banged on the door. He jostled awake.

Sam: Wha?! Who? What? Who's there?

Carl pushes the door open a bit, and peers around it inside.

Carl: Some guy with a suit brought you a le--... You're drooling.
Sam: ..

Sam quickly wipes his arm over his lips.

Sam: Was not. Anyway, what?
Carl: Some guy..With a suit..Brought you this, and left.

He walks in, tossing the unopened letter onto the table that Sam's feet rested on. He pulled his feet off, and set his chair down on all legs as he grasped hold of the letter with both hands. He looked at the envelope, then up to Carl.

Sam: A man with a suit? Is he still here?
Carl: We tried to get him to stay, but he-

Sam interrupts him.

Sam: He had a suit! That means he has money. You should've sold him something.
Carl: ..Maybe you should just open the letter? It seemed urgent.

Sam shakes his head at Carl, and tears the letter open. He pulls it out, and reads it aloud.

Sam: "Congratulations! You've been preapproved!"

He cuts off before finishing it all. He spits his toothpick out without paying any mind, and pulls out another, biting down onto it. He leans back, and scratches his head.

Sam: Sweet! Another credit card offer!

Carl stares at him in silence, clearing his throat as his eyes trailed around the room. Sam grabbed the letter, and tossed it for the trashcan. As it fluttered across the room, a small card fell out from the folds of the letter, landing onto the floor. Sam stared it a moment before leaning down and grabbing it. The side he was looking at was blank, so he flipped it over to look at the other side. Once again, Sam read aloud.

Sam: "The Ellixian military is planning a raid on your shop to obtain Leon and Fate."

Sam scratches his head.

Carl: ...Uh....-what-?
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
Dominion Master
5/3/2008 1:21:22 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Alex decides to head to Sam's office after Carl. He steps in just in time to hear "The Ellixan military is planning a raid on your shop to obtain Leon and Fate."

Alex stops in his tracks, petrified.

Alex: We have to go. First, I'm going to get my chest blown up by a freaking missile. Then Force 12 is going to bust through the roof and throw grenades at freaking everything. I will bet you money, and I am leaving.

He leaves.

He leans back through the door.

Alex: Are you coming with me or are you taking your chances with freakin' ger-nades?

He rubs his chin.

Alex: Although maybe I should tell Leon and Fate first.
Samuel Jorgenson
Ship Mechanic
Dominion Master
5/3/2008 1:30:11 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Sam stands up and stretches. He brushes a hair through his hand, and shifts his weight slightly.

Sam: k
Alex Dean
Cargo Hauler
Dominion Master
5/3/2008 1:30:55 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Alex blinks.

He turns and heads out the door, proceeding carefully and watching for missiles.

He stops. Unsure if Sam is even behind him, he talks anyway.

Alex: You should go out to the shop and warn Leon and Fate.

Going outside would be pushing his luck, what with the missiles and everything. Carl is confused wholesale.
Leon Mecheeto Brothers in Arms
5/31/2008 1:44:42 AM

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RE: No More Grape Soda

Sam steps into the shop.

Sam: Leon.

Leon, head stuck into an access panel of a ship, grunts an acknowledgement.

Sam: I got a letter from some guy that says the Ellixan military is planning a raid here to obtain you and Fate.

Leon quickly pulls his head out and stares at Sam.

Leon: Who gave it to you?
Sam: Beats me. Some guy in a suit. Maybe TCF. I suggest you grab your bigger guns.
Leon: I suggest we leave. We don't stand a chance here.

Sam, somewhat surprised that Leon is not willing to stand his ground, shrugs.

Sam: Why do I have to leave? They're not after me.
Leon: But they know you were associating with me, so they will capture you for interrogation.

Sam bites down hard on his toothpick, thinking about whether he should run or fight a pack of Ellixans.

Now that he thinks about it, fighting a pack of Ellixans doesn't sound like the best idea.

Sam: All right, then, let's pack it up. We've got to get out of here.

Dave busts another knuckle, letting out a string of Daireem profanities, and throws the spanner across the room and into the side of a toolbox that appears to have been the landing site many times in the past. He grabs a greasy rag to either remove grease from his hands or apply more. He tosses the rag aside and presses the button to close the garage doors.

Sam turns to head back to the main office. He goes to grab the knob to open the door when it suddenly turns and swings open full-force.

Alex: If anyone is coming with me, drop what you're doing and leave. I'm blasting off in two minutes.

Just as abruptly, he slams the door shut. Sam opens it again and heads out toward the office.

He enters the office and sees Carl over by the light switches.

Sam: You leaving with Alex?
Carl: Yup. No way I'm stayin' here with freakin' missiles an' Ellixans an' crud!

With a nod, Sam turns around and looks out the all-glass front side of the office. Dark storm clouds loom ominously above the horizon.

Sam: I'm going to have to move.


Alex, Leon, Fate, Dave, and Carl are all aboard Alex's ship. Alex is sitting in the pilot's seat, visibly anxious. The engines are running and the ship is hovering inches above the ground.

Sam walks up the loading ramp carrying two large, hard plastic cases. He sets them down and mashes the "close ramp" button.

Sam: Let's blow this joint.

Without missing a beat, Alex guns the engines and the ship spirals toward the stratosphere.

Dave: Whatcha got in the case?
Sam: Striker and extra rockets.

Dave smirks.

On the way up, Leon and Fate notice the tiny soldiers plummeting toward the surface.

Leon: You timed that right.

Sam gives him an inquisitive look. Leon nods toward the window.

Leon: Assault troops--a dozen or so of them. The attack already started.

Carl attempts to stand behind Alex's seat and prop himself up on it.

Carl: Where are we going?
Alex: Anywhere that ain't here.
Diana: Might I make a suggestion?

Carl jumps dang-near out of his pants at the sudden sound of the tinny female voice.

Alex: Sure.
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