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11/2/2008 7:59:40 AM

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Character Name: Lao-tzu


Gender: Male

Species: Human


The Mountain of the Way was not the tallest mountain on Micc.  Nor was it located particularly close to a metropolis, nor could it be said to feature any distinguishing marks at all, except of course for the man living on top.  

For that man, the distinguishing feature of this particular mountain was simply the observation that he lived atop it and not another.  Here, he had spent as many years as numbered Creation itself, communing with the forces of Nature and the weave of Magic, seeking insight into and understanding of a cosmos shaped by powers unknowable for reasons unfathomable.  

When the man finally moved away from the mountain that had been his, it ceased to distinguish itself in even that most tenuous respect, and so it fell deeper into the uniform mist of obscurity that seemed to cover most of its brothers and sisters on this world.

So who was this man, by whom a mountain was given a distinct existence?  The only title by which a man who makes mountains appear can be called is, of course, wizard.  This is not the sort of wizard who consorts with men with names like Gigax or Tolkien, no, although he does share a certain family resemblance and superficial qualities.  Physically, our wizard wore flowing robes with long white hair and beard covering his ancient visage.  Mentally, he could match wits with any scientist and could tap magical energies of ageless potency and infinite subtlety.  Spiritually, however, he was as different from these other wizards as night is from day.  Spiritually, he had more in common with the rocks, streams, and empty space of his mountain than any mere mage, sorcerer, or warlock.  

His purpose in this world is a question left unanswered.  The people of Micc and surrounding worlds appeared to think his purpose was to solve their problems, which they would bring to him on long pilgrimages to his mountaintop retreat. These people never took the aid of an aircraft or magical teleportation to visit him, even though Lao-tzu did not mind such, because nobody asked and everyone just assumed. Lao-tzu dealt a lot with assumptions, but this is one that he was content to let lie. Very often, the most good is accomplished by doing nothing.

Item(s): Lao-tzu is an ascetic.  His inventory is empty, thus it encompasses the world.

Ship/Vehicle: Lao-tzu doesn't use a personal vehicle.  He knows how to walk lightly and go far in a day's journey.  If off-world transportation is required, it will make itself available.

Note: The purpose of this character is the investigation of ideas in the schools of thought founded in the Chou period of China, namely Taoism and Confucianism.  The real Lao-tzu is "the Old Master", author of the Tao Te Ching.
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11/2/2008 10:38:58 PM

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RE: Lao-tzu

Daireem - Lao-tzu
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