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Valerie Fas'nvak
Ex-tournament fighter/
ninja accountant

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3/28/2006 10:00:48 PM

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ValerieĀ Fas'nvak

Character Name: Valerie Fas'nvak
Race: Human
Weapon(s): Sig Sauer P229R, Hand-Forged katana, two butterflies (One made by Hand Forged, the other created by the transmogrification of a woman named Susan, with whom Valerie once worked. She happened to have a knack for warding off shadow people, and, since her soul is imbued in the dagger, the dagger retains this property.), Spyderco Szabofly, two FS HideAway Knives (one Straight, one Claw), ShivWorks Clinch Pick
Ship/Vehicle: RXN-3 Thunderbird
Age: 27
Gender: Female

Description: White female. 5'8", thin, agile. Anti-social. Redhead. Dark-ish green eyes. Commonly wears long black coat (open), loose black jeans, dark-colored tank top, Casio G-Shock G7100-1V wristwatch on her left wrist, and on her right wrist a paracord bracelet, enchanted to allow her to speak with Susan (or any other transmogrified soul, for that matter.) Chaotic-orderly hair that restores itself to the exact same state every morning due to pillows. Katana sheath is part of her trenchcoat. Wears butterfly swords on either side at waist level, slightly to the back, reducing visibility. Wears one HideAway Knife (Straight model) pinned under the left side collar of her coat, the other clipped to her bra. Carries her P229 in a left-side shoulder holster with a mag holder on the right side. Excellent melee fighter. Preference for blades, obviously, but acknowledges how useful a gun can be. She is far from a crack shot--she can't hit a barn from inside if she tries. Sometimes she gets really lucky, but not often. As backwards as it is, ranged weapons are her backups when her melee weapons fail.

Notable Skills: Proficient with a variety of close range martial arts, either unarmed or with the use of bladed weapons. Unarmed, she has a strong focus on soft-method arts (using an opponent's energy against him), and joint manipulation techniques, including jujutsu, judo, aikido, and others. Armed skills include martial blade concepts, an art primarily dealing with smaller weapons, such as pocket knives, in an everyday environment; iaido and, to a lesser extent, kendo for swords; and wing chun for butterfly swords.

She is a Valerie of all trades, master of none; she can be described as "really good" at general grappling, "very good" at knife fighting, "pretty good" at sword fighting, and the more nuanced the fighting goes, the worse she is.

Additionally, she is intermediately skilled in parkour for the purpose of escaping trouble as fast as she got into it.

History: Valerie emerged from a black hole outside the Reia Bonu system thanks to time dilation and a rope. The intense gravity condensed sugar, spice, and everything nice into a being--the only problem is, the age old formula is missing one thing to be true: water. Thus, Valerie is an imperfect being devoid of water. She is on a never-ending quest to quench her eternal thirst.

Or at least, that's a great bar story. Fortunately, she's only told it once; that's when she decided she pretty much hated society and found a nice cave and lived with a shar'kakk bearith of Fierra Mesa for a few years.

The bearith taught her the ways of shar'kakk-do, and she left the cave three years later much wiser, and with a much deeper respect for shar'kakk beariths. A year later, on Crocop, in the Mircor system, she began fighting in unsanctioned no-holds-barred championships. Months later, with a record of 11-2-0, she quit fighting championships and became a ninja accountant in the employ of Fishmonger Stevens, top-level tuna-ga of the Star Power corporation.

When a tax return didn't go through and the idiots of that particular country's equivalent of the IRS weren't helping at all, Fishmonger sent Valerie to bust some heads because he was a big fan of her in her fighting days. She busted some heads and the Star Power corporation got their tax return. When the company got too big, they brought in another ninja accountant who couldn't comprehend Valerie's payroll files because she cut corners and did things her own way.

She was subsequently fired and became a bounty hunter.

She and her best friend Damon Cross share a small house on Cerania, which neither of them often uses.

Her past before her life with a shar'kakk bearith of Fierra Mesa is long and complicated, and best explained through interesting revelations in an active RP.

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