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Street Fighter/Space Station
8/2/2008 6:51:45 PM

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Hugo Blank

Character Name: Hugo Blank

Age: 24

Gender: M

Species: Human
Hugo is athletic, with a pale Nordic look and a somewhat heavy build. It's all muscle, of course. On closer inspection, you can see that his nose has been broken, giving him a slightly asymmetrical aspect.  

His clothing is simple and sturdy, but never shabby.  Hugo swears by the oil extracted from a local odobenid (walrus) sea mammal.  It effectively repels both oil and blood, with the only side-effect being a loud chuffing sound when he punches or kicks... (or not?).  

History: The history of the Blanks is long and torturous. On their planet of origin, long forgotten in the mists of time, the Blanks were first known as a Viking family of some influence. Then the entire clan decided to go exploring to the east, and they did not stop until they reached the Orient. For the next few centuries, the Blanks grew into prominence as a Ninja family.  And so it continued through the ages,  never quite reaching the ultimate in power before moving on to other realms. Until 60 years ago. Then, the magic seemed to simply stop. Small problems grew into big ones and everything was lost except the name.  

Hugo was born into the Blanks a few generations after the end of the greatness.  Only the old-timers would talk about the way things used to be, with secret languages and ancient arts perfectly preserved.  In contrast, the daily reality of his childhood was like any ordinary child in a factory district on Cerania. Playing in dangerous areas, getting in trouble, and always dreaming about getting away.

Hugo naturally gravitated to the amazing flying machines that characterize all Ceranian tourist brochures. The freedom that ownership of a flyer entailed was a riveting draw, but what kept Hugo fascinated was the beautiful physical interplay of aerodynamical elements.  The only problem was that he had no way to earn enough money to actually start building his own ships.  

If you're hard up for mony in Cerania, there are many options.  Most of those options involve gambling, and the only lucrative option involving gambling is to work for the gambling establishment.  Hugo started as a dealer.  Why not?  It was good pay, fun work, good exercise, and it was a real outlet for the remnants of Blank martial arts training.  You see, in most establishments the dealer must also act as a bouncer if the loser doesn't pay.  Cerania has a problem with gambling debt, and it's dealt with rather promptly, much to the dismay of grieving wives and mothers everywhere.

That's where we're at.  Hugo is doing quite well running cock-fights on the Werrington Express Dirigible that runs cargo and passengers between Falun and Avesta Ruin.  That is where he'll be when I post the initial thread.

What do you say, Stasis?  I can change stuff you don't like.  Hope you'll join me with Valerie Smile  

Item(s): None except what he's wearing, what's in his pockets, and what's in the trunk of his ship.  Just tools, basically, and no weapons.

Ship/Vehicle: S/7 Ornithopter (modified)

Hope that my vehicle is okay with you.  It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an Ornithopter!  Hugo just bought it a few days ago and is totally savoring this humble milestone of success.
Hey Claudius...
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Big mistake.

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8/2/2008 9:28:21 PM

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RE: Hugo Blank

The only thing is that you even mentioned Earth. Daireem should be treated as if Earth doesn't even exist--life wasn't even transplanted from Earth, it was created brand new when the Dominion Masters got to Daireem. Wink

But that wasn't exactly important to your history, so it's just me being picky.

Approved! Smile

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8/3/2008 3:34:37 AM

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RE: Hugo Blank

Ancient Earth has been transformed into an unknown generic planet.  Easy as pie, when it's just fluff!  
Daireem - Hugo Blank
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