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Daireem - Space
Eruantion Doriath
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 2:00:07 PM

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Escaped Convict...

Eruantion and Amonost have been assigned a special mission: to track down and capture the fugitive Leon Mecheeto. Earlier that week, they had been recruited by the Mercenary Corp. to hunt him down. So far they hadn't had much luck. Leon seemed to be a very illusive being. Not to mention, they were searching the entire galaxy.

Eruantion: Well, we're about an hour away from Vansid. 20 tape says he won't be here.
Amonost: Hey, I'm not taking that bet. I'm likely to lose.
Eruantion: Eh', ya wimp. Don't want to lose any money.
Amonost: Dang right. *Chuckles.*
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 8:20:24 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Amonost looks over at his brother's ship.

Amonost: So, we've looked on Ellix, Perrenor, and about thirty asteroid belts. I get a feeling those shady DM's near P1F-whatever let him in.

He props his feet up on the instrument panel, letting the ship handle itself.

Eruantion: Hey! Bogey six-eight!

Amonost scrambles, getting his bearings back. He sees three ships in his tail camera.

Amonost: They never let me sleep.
Eruantion Doriath
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 9:42:34 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Eruantion: Split off. You take left, I'll take right. Do the usual.
Amonost: (circleing around to the left) Is that the usual 1a, or usual 1b?
Eruantion: (circling around to the right) Well, the 1a is more ideal, but the 1b is more fun. I don't know. You decide.
Amonost: I decided last time. It's your turn.
Eruantion: Fine, fine... Go with 1b.
Amonost: I was hoping you'd pick that one.

The ships continue towards the incoming pirate ship. The oncoming ship starts firing at them.

Eruantion: Looks like it's a little more high class than our ships. Most likely faster, hence probably why he attacked us with no backup. Be careful.
Amonost: Yeah yeah...

They start doing a criss-cross back and forth as they approch the ship. The oncoming ship stops firing, but suddenly dissapears.

Amonost: Great. Cloaking... It's got to be a pirate.
Eruantion: That'd be my guess. I also saw it had a couple missle pods. This does not bode well.
Amonost: Alright, switch to plan 2b.
Eruantion: I thought it was my turn to decide.
Amonost: Oh, don't start now.
Eruantion: Fine. 2b, it is.

Before they are able to pull off the menuver, a missle come out of no where.

Amonost: Incoming.
Eruantion: Got it. See where it came from?
Amonost: Three-twelve.
Eruantion: Copy that.

Eruantion flys towards the missle and flips upside down right as he gets to it. It passes over him harmlessly. He flips back over and open fires on the spot where the pirate was.
The blasts go off into space.

Eruantion: Warning, he's moved.
Amonost: Copy.
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 10:05:14 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Amonost: Okay then... Where are you...

A missile comes out of nowhere, a flash indicating its point of origin. Amonost jerks the ship upward out of the danger zone and strafes the ship.

Amonost: Ten-ten, engaged.

Chunks of steel fly off into space as Amonost's light blasters tear into the cloaked ship. The cloak ripples, slightly revealing the ship. Eruantion comes from the pirate's 9 o'clock, mashing his trigger. Ion blasts from two directions rip into the ship and, as the grand finale, a single missile erupts from Amonost's pod, ripping the pirate's ship in half. A giant grin is plastered across Amonost's face.

Amonost: I can hear the heroic music now. Think he had anything good?
Eruantion: Just a cloaking device. It's probably slag by now, so we might as well get going.
Amonost: Roger that.

He turns back toward Vansid and throttles up.
Eruantion Doriath
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 10:41:40 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Eruantion comes up beside him, and they stay side by side. Amonost kicks his heals back up on the dashboard and lets the autopilot take over again.

Amonost: Maybe now I'll get some rest.
Eruantion: Ha. Ha ha.
Amonost: What's that supposed to mean?
Eruantion: Nothing.
Amonost: Right.
Eruantion: Well, you go to sleep for a while then. I'll keep a look out. Kind of. I am disabling S2S communications for a bit.
Amonost: Why? Calling Nienna?
Eruantion: Yes, why?
Amonost: *Cough* Nothing.
Eruantion: Bah... Go to sleep.
Amonost: Well, when you two get talking, you could run head long into Vansid and never notice till the holo went blank from the colision.
Eruantion: Okaaaay. You really can go to sleep now.
Amonost: I changed my mind. I am staying up... Since someone has to watch out for bogeys.
Eruantion: *Snorts*... Fine.
Amonost: *Imitates a love struck voice of Eruantion* Oh Nienna! I love you sooo---

Eruantion disables the S2S communications link.
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 10:52:35 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Amonost sticks his tongue out at Eruantion for a second and shakes his head while chuckling. He taps his index finger impatiently on the control stick and leans against the right side control panel.

About an hour later, Amonost looks across the void at Eruantion. Eruantion is still talking to Nienna. They are growing dangerously close to Vansid and have to enter atmospheric entry procedure.

Amonost: Eru.

No reply.

Amonost: ERU! Augh. Idiot.

He turns and fires a shot over Eruantion's cockpit dome. Eruantion quickly reenables S2S.

Eruantion: What happened?!
Amonost: Landing procedure, bozo.
Eruantion: I know... I was just saying bye.
Amonost: Uh-huh.

A few minutes later, they've landed in a southern Lyrian starport and met up in the streets.

Amonost: I'd definitely say this is the kind of place sleaze would go.
Eruantion: Who says he's sleaze?
Amonost: What?
Eruantion: Nothing. Let's check out this pub--they're of course, the dominant source of information.
Leon Mecheeto Brothers in Arms
2/2/2006 11:16:43 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Inside the pub, Leon Mecheeto is sitting at the bar drinking a non-alcoholic beverage, as he prefers to keep his wits about him. Most of the other patrons are as large and burly as he, so he blends in pretty well. He sits in a position to keep an eye on the door and all who enter and exit.

Amonost and Eruantion enter and glance around the smoky bar. A local band is playing an upbeat tune. A four foot tall, three-eyed creature turns to the two and speaks in a strange voice.

Creature: Looking for something?
Eruantion: A large man with a flat top.
Creature: You two cops?
Eruantion: ... No.
Creature: Hm. Well, as you can see, there are a good deal of large men with flat tops. Have fun.

The creature waddles off to a table with others like him.

Leon overhears something about the two fellows searching for a large man with a flat top. It could be any number of these scumbags, but in case it's him, he decides to move to a less conspicuous place. He nonchalantly seats himself at a table in a far corner. As far as he could tell, the two haven't noticed him yet.
Eruantion Doriath
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 11:32:21 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Another creature aproches them right after the three eyed one. They recognize it as a Valsar.

Valsar: Helloooo... Wo-w-would you like to s-see my s-special s-stash?
Eruantion: Excuse me?
Valsar: *Deep inhale* My... heh... my staaaaash. Iiieee just got in some (whisper)  sticks.
Amonost: No thank you. We're good.
Valsar: Mmmkay. Your Loss-s-ss...

Amonost and Eruantion walk up to the bar and sit down on two stools right next to each other. There are roughians sitting all around, looking at them. A woman in skimpy clothing comes walking up.

Becca (waitress): What can I get you two?
Eruantion: Nothing. Thank you.
Amonost: I'll take a Silmaria (equivelent to pepsi or coke), please.
Becca: Alright. Anything else?
Eruantion: Information.
Becca: Look for the man in the corner. White clothing.
Eruantion: White? Not black?
Becca: No, why?
Amonost: It's always black clothing. In the dark corner. . Lots of bad dudes around.
Becca: Nope. Not him. He's by himself in the corner, but it's well lighted. And he doesn't smoke.
Eruantion: But... That's just not right.

After Amonost gets his drink, they go and find the man in the well lit corner. He looks at them and smiles a huge dumb grin. They sit down and notice he's in a strait jacket.

Eruantion: Um... Hello. We're looking for information.
Man: Oh yes. I have that. Whatchoo need to know?
Amonost: Well, we're looking for someone.
Man: Man? Woman? I know lots of those.
Eruantion: I'm sure you do.
Man: Yes. Many. Even lots of them.
Amonost: Right. Well, his name is Leon. Leon Mecheeto.
Man: Oh. I saw him once.
Eruantion: When was that?
Man: On the holonews cast. *Grins dumbly.*
Amonost: Any time more recently?
Man: Oh yes.
Eruantion: When was that?
Man: Recently.
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/2/2006 11:53:22 PM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

Amonost goes into loan officer mode, a very sincere smile appearing on his face. He leans forward on the table.

Amonost: Was he around here?

He cocks his head to the other side.

Amonost: Would he happen to be within these walls?

The man grins wildly. A small string of drool drips from his mouth and hits the table.

Man: He was! Insert another spoon.

He beats his back against the chair twice. Amonost tosses a few coins onto the table.

Man: Well, I wasn't serious, but thanks.
Amonost: No problem. What was he wearing?
Man: Blue overcoat... fedora... orange socks.
Amonost: Really?
Man: No! He was wearing some dark jeans and a wife beater. Black.

Amonost looks over his shoulder then back at the man.

Amonost: Thanks.

He stands up, walks back over to the bar, and sits down, casually observing the bar. He soon notices a man in a booth against the wall, wearing a black muscle shirt and gray jeans. Amonost taps on Eruantion's shoulder.

Eruantion: I see him.

The man they spotted takes a sip from his drink, stands up, and begins to walk out.

Amonost: Big ol' fella.
Eruantion: Yep.

Amonost sets his drink down, and they follow the man out.
Eruantion Doriath
Fighter Pilot/Bounty Hunter
Dominion Master
2/3/2006 12:07:20 AM

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RE: Escaped Convict...

As they are walking towards the exit, the little man selling his special stash corners them again. He slows them down, and by the time they get outside, Leon is down a block and turning into an alley.

Eruantion: If I didn't know better, I'd say that the little druggie twirp was paid off.
Amonost: Possibly. Can't be sure though. You know how druggies are.
Eruantion: That's true.

They reach the alley that Leon went down, and look down in. It goes to a set of rickety old metal stairs that go to the roof of the little building, that appears to be a hotel. Eruantion is the first one up the stairs. He slowly peers over the edge but sees no one. The climb up the rest of the way and look around.
There are taller buildings all around them.

Amonost: Well... This isn't a good position. He could be on any of those buildings with a rifle. Lining us up in his crosshairs.
Eruantion: Wow. That gives me the chills.
Amonost: Same here.
Eruantion: He also could have gone down into the hotel through that door. *he points.*
Amonost: Possible.
Eruantion: Probable?
Amonost: Possible. Not probable.
Eruantion: And it's not a real good idea to split up with that guy on the loose. He's got to be at least 10 ft. tall.
Amonost: *Raises an eyebrow.* And of course the longer we stand here yacking, the farther away he is.
Eruantion: Yeah... looks like it's a cold trail again. But at least we saw him. We know we're on the right track.
Amonost: We ought to keep an eye on the space port. He's apt to go there soon.
Eruantion: Good idea.

They climb back down the stairs and head toward the spaceport. They get some old cloaks out and stand/sit by the gate and just wait.
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Daireem - Escaped Convict...
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