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5/26/2008 2:38:55 PM

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Uncharted flight

      An abrupt slowing of their ship gave them notice that they have gotten close to their next destination, or at least that is what they hoped. Without many of the maps of the galaxy programmed into the ships on board navigational system, it was more of a point and click operation, and he never really knew where they would stop. Slowing to orbiting speed they looked out upon what looked to be an inhabitable planet, but with only a few space ports, and none looked too friendly to them.

       With this thought in mind, Seraph slowly brought his ship into the atmosphere of the planet as he tracked a course to the nearest large area of flat terrain on the planet's surface, planning to land without horrible repercussions of a crash.

       "Look, flat ground, it looks like an open field like on Micc!" Frae spoke excitedly hoping that where they were would turn out to be friendly based on what they've seen so far.

       "Let's hope this place accepts us for a little while, as we search around this place and figure out what it is." His voice was cautious, not easily excited by the simple things his sister found so wondrous. He was a bit more meticulous, careful about things sensitive by nature.

        The landing was textbook as they slowed in their approach then stopping to a hover over the now flailing stalks of some wild wheat like plants. Careful as to not damage them, as little as possible, by their landing, Seraph slowly cooled the engines, creating a brisk breeze onto the wheat stalks they landed on.

        A light thud as the engines came to a complete stop about 3 feet above the ground. "Better than last time." his sister said in a bit of a sarcastic compliment.

Daireem - Uncharted flight
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